Casinos in Minnesota

The casinos in Minnesota offer a whole range of entertainment options. From live concerts, to delectable dining venues and of course vibrant casino floors. You’ll find a large number of slot machines and card games which you can play from as little as a penny! Here’s the top rated casinos near you.

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Black Bear Casino

Black Bear Casino is located 6 miles from the Chub Lake. The casino offers a wide range of services, including resort and restaurant. It has flat-screen TVs to keep their customers busy as they enjoy their gaming experience in the casino. Some of the games you will find in the casino include poker, slots, and blackjack which you can play until 2am. Fun fact: In 2012 Black Bear Casino broke a Guinness world record for making the largest burger! The cheeseburger weighed over 1 ton and was 10 foot wide. The burger is no longer there, but you can still enjoy a regular sized burger in one of the on site restaurants.

Cass Lake

Cedar Lakes Casino

Cedar Lakes Casino is another fantastic casino in Minnesota State. It is located within the Cass Lake, Minnesota. The casino offers fantastic bonuses and rewards. Cedar Lakes has a luxurious hotel offering its customers delicious meals to enjoy as they play. It has 650 gaming machines, poker games, and six-game tables. Other games include bingo, and blackjack.

Granite Falls

Prairies Edge Casino

If you are visiting Minnesota, you can enjoy your best casino action at Prairie’s Edge Casino. The casino offers various services that are interesting to the customers. The customer is 100 miles from the Minneapolis’ Twin Cities and St. Paul. This casino is best for the model coin slot machines. Besides, it offers video slots, video keno, virtual roulette, live blackjack, and more. The casino is open all hours so whenever you want to visit, you can!

You can also check out nearby real money casinos in neighbouring states North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Manitoba and Ontario.

Top 5 Online Casinos in Minnesota

Minnesota Casino FAQs

Is Gambling Legal In Minnesota?

Casino gambling is not permitted by Minnesota State. However, there are other various categories of gambling that are permitted. Permitted gambling includes raffles, bingo, pulltabs, paddlewheels, and tipboards. But there are multiple casinos that offer casino gambling games because the law on gambling is not that tough.

What’s the Best Casino in Minnesota?

The article has provided information on some of the various casinos in Minnesota. It will be challenging to pick the best casino. Therefore, choose the one near your locality, or you can decide to play online.

What is the minimum age to Gamble in Minnesota?

With most casinos in Minnesota operating 24 hours, the minimum age for a person to participate in gambling in Minnesota is 18 years. The gambling age includes both Minnesota residents and visitors. Don’t try to gamble if you are below 18 years, as you will be dealt with by the law.

Can I play Online Casino in the State?

The state laws prohibit any form of online gambling. There are no legalized online casinos operating in Minnesota State currently. However, there are various casinos outside Minnesota and the United States that operate through the internet and they will welcome customers based in Minnesota.

Which cities in Minnesota have casinos?

Casinos are available in various cities within the Minnesota State. Cities with casinos include Tower, Shakopee, Duluth, Hinckley, Columbus, Morton, and Cass.

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