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Looking for a great casino experience in Montana? We’re here to help guide you to the top rated venues in your state. For some background information, any casino located within Montana is only allowed to offer games that are electronic as table games are strictly prohibited.

All taverns or bars are only permitted to operate 20 gambling machines that allow players to enjoy video bingo, video keno, or video poker. The state of Montana hosts over 1,400 gambling spots that provide over 15,000 machines that Montana’s Gambling Control Division highly regulates.

The max bet permitted is $2. The payout amount for each gambling machine is set at $800. Under current Montana law, 80% is the minimum amount of return that machines must pay out. All gambling locations must also only be in operation between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 a.m.


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Montana Lil’s Casino

If you are searching for the best gambling spot within Billings, then you will love what Montana Lil's Casino has to offer. Montana Lil’s Casino boasts gaming that provides many different games within their machines. The games pay out $800 maximum, and are able to provide a jackpot capable of rewarding the winner with a $1,000 payout. Another thing that you will love about Montana Lil’s Casino is the facts that the casino is recognized for providing payouts that are among the highest. The casino’s machines are also designed by the most popular suppliers of games. Montana Lil’s Casino also offers all players a Reward Club that gives each registered player a match of $5 once signed up, free drinks and snacks, and a maximum of $320 worth of coupons for match play.

Montana Nugget Casino

The Montana Nugget Casino is situated within Kalispell and was among the original casinos to provide machines from many of the popular gaming designers such as U1’s, Power Station’s, and Montana Gambler’s. Gambling machines at Montana Nugget Casino provide a nice blend of line, poker, and keno games. The Montana Nugget Casino also includes a bar/grill that offers every type of food or drink so that you remain entertained no matter what you are doing. Entrance is open to all without having to be an active player.


Gray Wolf Peak Casino

Found at 20750 Highway 93 North, Gray Wolf Peak Casino is under ownership of the Kootenai and Salish Indian Tribe. Originally opened during 2007, the casino went under renovation and reopened in November 2016.   With a brand new casino, it is now able to offer gamers the opportunity to enjoy more than 305 keno and slot machines, relax with a nice drink or meal at the lounge/restaurant, a food bar, and gift shop. The hours of operation are still the same as before (8am-midnight Sunday-Thursday and 8am-2am Friday/Saturday).

You can also check out nearby real money casinos in neighbouring states North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, British Colombia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Top 5 Online Casinos in Montana

Montana Casino FAQs

Are private poker games allowed in Montana?

Private poker games held at a residence is permitted. This goes to show just how liberal the laws have become within Montana.

The only restriction that can be enforced is the host not being permitted to earn a percentage from the gambling, or making profits by providing snacks or drinks. As the homeowner holding the games, ensure that the games are also drug-free so that police will have no cause to make a raid. If you and your games remain legal, you will not have to worry about being able to hold future games at your home.

What is the minimum age to Gamble in Montana?

Montana requires that all gamblers be at least 18 years of age to gamble. The only exception to this is with raffles that are held through charities, schools, or religious entities.

Can I play Online Casino in the State of Montana?

The state of Montana does not permit online gambling. However, many unlicensed overseas operators will accept players from Montana.

Who can I contact for gambling problems in Montana?

Several resources exist that can assist individuals who are experiencing a gambling problem. These resources are also available for family members who are no long able to handle the problems. If a gambling problem is occurring, individuals are encouraged to call the state hotline at (888) 900-9979.

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