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If you’re here, you’re probably an Ohio resident wondering what your options are for playing casino games. The good news is you now have options near you! Before 2009, casinos were banned in Ohio, and people used to cross the border to other states like Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania to gamble. However, a vote for casinos to be based in Ohio was passed, and now one can freely play games and bet on races in the cities the casinos are located. One can be a tourist or resident of Ohio, but still enjoy the fun of playing the casino games.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of the top casinos in Ohio, information about their location, and exciting games and services that can be enjoyed in the casino venues.

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JACK Cincinnati Casino

JACK Cincinnati Casino is open 24/7, hosting only 21 plus. Its 100,000 square feet floor hosts a wide range of casino games, including 100 table games, 2000 gaming machines, and 31 table poker room. Also, there are synergy table games with both a live dealer and electronic table games. Therefore players can simultaneously play Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps. There are also rooms in the casino that one can book at favorable rates. Prism, Bobby's Burger Palace, and Starbucks are diners offering refreshment to visitors. The Shoe Plaza offers both indoor and outdoor concerts, lounges and gift shop, for entertainment. Little wonder it is such a popular destination!


JACK Cleveland Casino

JACK Cleveland Casino is open 24/7 and has a game of 100,000 square feet. Visitors can enjoy various games as the casino has about 2,000 gaming machines, 89 casino gaming tables, and a 30 table live-action WSOP poker room. You can also enjoy playing Synergy Table games that combine live entertainment, dealer, and electronic table games. The casino has partnered with nearby accommodations to offer rooms at an affordable rate, as there are no hotels in the premise. It is famous for the Vintage 51 Lounge as well as the other five restaurants within the property.


Hollywood Casino Columbus

Hollywood Casino Columbus gives you 160,000 square feet of gaming floor. There are more than 2150 gaming machines, 79 table games, and 36 poker tables. A live entertainment lounge, sports bar, and nearby hotels make the casino ideal, plus there are self-parking and valet services. Hungry customers will be warmly welcomed to the Final Cut Steak & Seafood restaurant. Just one of five restaurants within the premise. A popular casino destination!


Hollywood Casino Toledo

Hollywood Casino Toledo has a 125,000 square foot floor offering different casino games. There are over 2,000 slot machines, 19 live-action tables in a large poker room, and 59 table games. You can also enjoy the five restaurants and live entertainment available in the lounge within the premises. It is easy to access the property since it is open 24/7. There are also hotels nearby the property at cheaper rates. The minimum bet at the casino is low, only $0.01. Self-parking and valet services are also available.

Top 5 Online Casinos in Ohio

Ohio Casino FAQs

What is the minimum legal gambling age in Ohio?

The right age bracket for gambling is between 16 and 21, and it depends on the type of gambling game. For instance, playing bingo will need one to be 16, 18 to play Kenu, horse racing, and the state lottery. However, one must be 21 years of age to play at casinos.

Is gambling legal in Ohio?

Gambling in Ohio is legal but restricted only to certified Indian casinos. However, other forms of gambling like instant bingo, bingo, raffles, and games of chance are allowed so long as they are for charity work. State lottery, horse race betting, VLTs, and skill-based amusement machines are also legal.

What’s the best casino in Ohio?

Listed above are the best online casinos in Ohio. However, it is most probable that one will visit the one located close to where you live. Since the legalization of casinos, they have been limited to only cities in Ohio. Therefore, you will find your closest casino in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo.Also, you can find a legal online casino and play when you want your home comforts or don’t want to cover the distance.

Does Ohio allow online gambling?

The state of Ohio does not have any legal online gambling sites. One can freely play online casino as there are no laws on books to illegalize them. Therefore, one can find a legal online casino located overseas and play without the fear of breaking the law.

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