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Beautiful Vermont is home to maple syrup, ski resorts, McIntosh apples and Ben and Jerry’s. The name Vermont derives from the French words vert (green) and mont (mountain) and whilst the landscape might yield green forest terrain, you won’t find any green baise on a blackjack table in The Green Mountain State. It is not home to any casino gambling venues. If you wish to bet in a casino you’ll need to cross the border into New Hampshire, New York or make a trip over to Montreal, Canada. Let’s take a look at a few of the best options if you’re prepared to travel for a flutter.  You can also play social casinos from home and many overseas casinos will accept online casino players from Vermont.

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You can also check out Casinos in your bordering states New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Quebec.

Top 5 Online Casinos in Vermont

Vermont Casino FAQs

Is gambling legal in Vermont?

There are no actual state or Tribal owned casinos in the State of Vermont.  There is a state lottery and scratch cards are permitted. Charity games of poker, bingo, raffles and pull tabs are also permitted. Players looking to gamble in a land based casino will need to cross into other states where it is legal and licensed, such as New York, New Hampshire, or Quebec.

Was there ever gambling in Vermont?

Yes, there was previously horse racing held in the state and pari-mutuel betting was permitted on race tracks and at county fairs. Technically it is still legal, but there are no racetracks in the state now though, so not a lot to do with this info.

Can I play online casino in Vermont?

There are no laws specifically preventing online gambling. There are no Vermont casino operators however, so only online gameplay on casino operations based overseas that accept players from the US would be viable options.

Are the gambling rules in Vermont likely to change?

It doesn’t look like it. This state seems happy to keep a low profile when it comes to gambling and with neighboring states offering sufficient options it seems unlikely that the rules will be appealed anytime soon.

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