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Full of natural wonders and beautiful landscapes, Wyoming is nicknamed the Equality State. This is because it was the first state in the United States to allow women to vote. The state is sparsely populated with mostly residential areas concentrated along border lines and home to many national forests and 2 national parks; Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

With all this nature there are only three permitted tribal casinos where you can play hard and win big. So that means a little Vegas experience is within reach! Read on to find out what you can expect from the Wyoming casinos near you.

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Little Wind Casino

The casino is in the heart of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Ethete, a short distance from Lander, Riverton and Pavilion. Casino enthusiasts eager to enjoy an intimate and relaxed experience don’t have to look any further. They offer the latest Las Vegas experience with over 160 slot machines. Right on the casino floor you can enjoy scrumptious meals and cocktails to satisfy your appetite and increase energy to play hard. This high-end service is provided courtesy of Morning Star Restaurant.


Shoshone Rose Casino and Hotel

Shoshone Rose Casino and Hotel is a one stop shop for all your casino experience needs. They offer over 300 slot machines for your gaming desires. Several promotions are run within the facility to color your experience. An example is the St. Patrick’s Day where a player gets a free play if they have worn green. Loyal clients get the opportunity to join the players club and earn points or rewards. Accommodation and meals are also available. They offer executive room hire and meal centers within the facility to cater for all your needs as you enjoy your stay.


Wind River Hotel and Casino Riverton

Wind River Hotel and Casino Riverton boasts of the largest range of table games, slot games, poker and tournaments in Wyoming State. Over the years, they have been hosting the annual Wyoming State Poker Championship by the virtue of being largest gaming spot. A free complimentary drink; pepsi, tea, hot chocolate or coffee is extended to clients on the gaming floor. A luxurious hotel and restaurants are also hosted offering exemplary hospitality. There are two restaurants within the facility; Red Willow and Cee Nokuu, offering perfect dining services while you enjoy the casino experience.

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Top 5 Online Casinos in Wyoming

Exploring the Gambler’s Frontier: Gambling and Casinos in Wyoming

When it comes to gambling and casinos, the picturesque landscapes and wide-open spaces of Wyoming might not immediately come to mind. Yet, nestled amidst the mountains and plains lies a nuanced gambling scene, characterized by its unique blend of limited offerings and natural charm.

The Wyoming Gambling Landscape: A Tale of Moderation

Wyoming isn’t synonymous with sprawling casino resorts or bustling gambling districts. Instead, the state takes a more conservative approach to gambling. While you won’t find mega-casinos dominating the skyline, there are select opportunities for gaming enthusiasts seeking a taste of the thrill.

Off-Track Betting and Horse Racing: A Traditionally Enjoyed Pastime

One of the permitted forms of gambling in Wyoming includes off-track betting on horse racing. This longstanding tradition allows enthusiasts to engage in wagering on races held elsewhere, fostering a niche community passionate about the sport.

Charitable Gambling: Supporting Causes While Having Fun

Charitable gambling, encompassing bingo games, raffles, and other events held for fundraising purposes, is also allowed under Wyoming law. These events often serve as social gatherings within local communities while contributing to charitable causes.

The State Lottery: Dreams of Winning Big

Wyoming operates a state lottery offering various draw games and scratch-off tickets. It provides residents with a chance to dream big and try their luck in winning substantial prizes, albeit within the confines of a controlled gaming environment.

Tribal Casinos: A Unique Gaming Experience

Limited tribal casinos, operated by Native American tribes under specific agreements with the state, offer another dimension to Wyoming’s gambling landscape. These casinos, although fewer in number and scale compared to those in other states, provide gaming opportunities and entertainment for locals and visitors alike.

The Absence of Commercial Casinos: A Distinctive Trait

Unlike some neighboring states, Wyoming does not host commercial casinos or large-scale gaming establishments with slot machines or table games typically associated with popular gambling destinations.

Sports Betting: Exploring New Horizons

Wyoming has yet to legalize sports betting. However, discussions and legislative considerations were underway, signaling potential changes on the horizon for enthusiasts seeking to wager on sports events.

Preserving Wyoming’s Unique Charms: A Delicate Balance

While the state embraces certain forms of gambling, Wyoming maintains a balance, cherishing its distinct identity and preserving its natural beauty without succumbing to the pervasive gaming culture seen in other regions.

In essence, gambling in Wyoming embodies a tale of moderation, characterized by its selective offerings and a focus on maintaining a unique identity amidst the allure of gaming. The limited yet diverse gambling opportunities in the state cater to both enthusiasts seeking a touch of excitement and those appreciative of Wyoming’s unspoiled landscapes.

As regulations and attitudes toward gambling evolve, Wyoming continues to navigate the delicate balance between entertainment, tradition, and preserving its scenic wonders.

Wyoming Casino FAQs

Gambling is legal in Wyoming as long as you are of permitted age, and the games on offer are of skill and not of pure luck. Slot machines, video poker and games using cards that require some skill and thought processes are allowed within the tribal casino floors. Games or plays of sheer luck are illegal. These include games such as roulette and craps.

Racing machines using slot symbols from past games in order to arrive at an outcome are illegal in the state. The games include bonus rounds.

The Wyoming Lottery has not much been exploited due to the gambling laws of the state. Lottery games available include the Scratch-off tickets, keno games for money and online sales. However, lotto drawings are not permitted. The Lottery can sell tickets to Cowboy Draw, a state-wide lotto, Power Ball and Mega Millions only.

Bingo is also authorized within Wyoming. However, they must be through registered charities. Wyoming reservations are also allowed to offer bingo.

The minimum age for gambling in Wyoming is 18 years. This includes playing in the tribal casinos, race tracks and bingo.

Can I play online casino in Wyoming?

Although online casinos are not available within Wyoming, gamblers residing within the state are allowed to play online casinos that are located offshore. We’ve listed the most popular ones!

What’s the best casino in Wyoming?

We have listed three casino venues in Wyoming. Wind River Hotel and Casino have been on the lead for quite a long time. However, it would be best to select the most convenient one from your location. Besides these you can also access various casino game sites from the comfort of your home.

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