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How Much Could One Person Win? Big Casino Wins

Penny December 4, 2023

It’s a question that many who enjoy casino gaming at any level have asked themselves. How much is it possible to win in one game or one bet? Obviously, there are a lot of variables that play their part in answering such an outcome. What game would you be playing? What are the odds for that game? How much are you staking in one go? However, some famous wins help provide a guide and they’re not all exactly high-rollers sitting at the tables of Monte Carlo or living the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. Instead, some of these winners simply played the game their own way and defied the odds to claim a big result.

Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah win

English Premier League Upset Results in £20,000 Winner

Every year, sports fans will place bets on their teams to win a trophy or league. Whether it’s the Super Bowl or the English Premier League, diehard supporters will believe that their side will prevail, no matter just how unlikely that event might be. Not many go on to claim more than $20,000 in winnings, though. Then again, not every sports fan will witness a fairytale quite like Leicester City’s Premier League win in 2016. After just surviving and avoiding relegation in their first season back in the top division of English soccer, not many viewed the 2015-16 season as being one that would end in any real success. However, manager Claudio Ranieri and players Jamie Vardy, Ngolo Kante, and Ryad Mahrez would see that this became the club’s finest hour. To say that the Foxes were unlikely winners of the biggest prize in soccer in England is an understatement. No side had managed to disrupt the big clubs in the Premier League era without massive investment.

One sportsbook fan had the foresight to predict something good could happen, though. Maybe more through blind faith than seeing the building blocks of a title-winning side, one Leicester fan put £5 on his beloved team when their odds were +500000 (5000/1). So, when Jamie Vardy broke goalscoring records, Kante cleaned up in defensive midfield, and Wesley Morgan lifted the title at the end of a rollercoaster season, Leigh Herbert claimed a massive £20,000. That’s a decent chunk of money, and the Foxes fanatic has been regularly putting these speculative bets on, according to an interview with the BBC. It remains one of the biggest sports bet wins in history and one of sport’s greatest ever stories. 


Billionaire Just Keeps Getting Richer at the Casino

With betting, much like business, you most often need to speculate to accumulate. You’re not likely to start with humble beginnings of $5 and bag tens of thousands. The Leicester win was perhaps one of the only times this has been seen outside of a lottery win. Because of that, the biggest wins at casinos are dominated by the super rich. That’s simply because they have the money to be high rollers. In fact, the biggest one-day win at a casino is a billionaire from Australia who managed to take home anywhere between $20 million and $40 million after a day at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The late Kerry Packer was a media tycoon in his country and could regularly be found in the world’s casinos, and that meant he would often lose. So it wasn’t all big wins for the Sydney man. However, as previously mentioned, it’s not only high rollers who bag the big prizes.


A Belgian online slot player made history when playing the immensely popular Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad slot. They managed to bag around $20 million in their gaming session after claiming the progressive jackpot in 2021. That stands as the biggest ever win on an online slot and it will likely take some time before it’s ever beaten. It’s a life-changing amount, especially for someone who doesn’t belong to the billionaire classes like Packer did. This sort of win puts any big victories for sports betting enthusiasts to shame, too, as the progressive nature of the slot’s jackpot meant that the fund kept on building until luck was on hand to help one player claim it. With these sorts of wins, it’s easy to see why the casino and sportsbooks continue to capture the imagination around the world. It may be that players lose more than they win but the stand-out success stories will always be attractive to the public.

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