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What Can a Casino Career Teach You?

Penny February 12, 2024

As people become more ambitious in their careers and look to find their ideal path in life, you often find that they are questioning exactly what they can get from a job and what they can then apply in other situations or roles. That’s no different in the world of casino gaming, either. As an industry with a whole ecosystem of roles that all play a part in keeping a venue or online outlet functioning in tip top shape, there are so many facets of these jobs that keep those working them learning and employing skills that are valued by so many. So what does working in the industry really offer and what can somebody expect to learn from it?

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An Education That Goes A Long Way

We’ve covered in recent weeks how more and more casinos and vocational schools are teaching the latest round of dealers and casino workers in an effort to train up the best staff in the industry. It shows, then, that while some may see casino work as little more than customer service, there is a lot more to building a career in a gambling house. That’s not to say that customer service and self-confidence are not key factors and that these skills are not strong transferable skills, though. To the contrary. The sheer ability to manage, entertain, and engage with the visitors to your venue is perhaps one of the most lucrative and sought-after abilities you could have in your catalog. Being a people person isn’t just for working retail, leisure, or dining. To navigate the workplace in almost any industry requires being able to deal with others, whether they are your colleagues, clients, or stakeholders. As Forbes covered in 2013, being able to communicate and have patience with others is a fundamental aspect of any role, and this is one that the casino hones.


On top of that, there are some more specific skills that a job in a real money casino can help develop. It’s easy to overlook the task that dealers actually undertake, specifically in games such as blackjack. As well as being the face of the game and presenting themselves to all those at the table and any potential players passing by, they are, in essence, also the game. Looking at blackjack as a particular example, you’re playing against the dealer and so they have to be able to multitask, continuing their presentation all the while keeping track of the table’s scores and keeping the game going. It might only be relatively basic math and the dealing of cards but anyone who has tried to keep their mind focused on even the simplest of tasks when they’re combining more than one will tell you that basic math can be hard. Because of that, it’s unfair to see dealers as simply rolling dice, dishing out cards, or spinning a wheel. They’re performing multiple tasks at once to keep a game flowing and engage players for hours at a time.


Live Casino and the Television Industry

It’s big. There’s no denying it. Live casino has very quickly become one of the top ways that people play their games at an online outlet. Instead of being faced with a wall of graphics that are determined by random number generators, players will be met with the face of a real dealer who, much like those that you find in a brick-and-mortar casino, will play the game and engage with their audience. The difference here is that they may be dealing a game in which there are thousands of people sat at the virtual table. Standing in front of a dozen people as a dealer can be daunting enough but to multiply that so significantly is a big ask. So, as a live casino dealer, not only are you showing an ability to work under the pressure of so many watching eyes but you are also developing on-camera skills. You’re essentially working as a television presenter, working with lighting, sound, and producers. This is a big skill to be able to take into the multimedia world, especially as video streaming online continues to grow as a method of consumption for younger audiences.


With all that said, it becomes clear that there is much more to work in the casino industry that some would give it credit for. Instead of being a one-trick pony, someone who gets into this line of work is going to be developing skills in a number of areas that can be applied across a whole world of careers. Because of that, a career at the casino could become a much more appealing one.

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