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Chips can be seen as a currency used in a land-based or online casino. So, when a casino gives you free chips, what you truly get is free money to play some exciting casino games. In a casino these chips also appear more clean, neat, and attractive than the real money! For online players, your free chip is digitally credited to your account. You can spend it playing eligible casino games.

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What is a free chip bonus?

When you’re playing in a land-based casino, you get elegant physical chips in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. However, in most of the online casinos, free chips are given as promotional offers in the form of bonus codes to the players. It is quite common these days to see free chips being offered by online casinos to their new players.

During the early days of the casinos, players used gold nuggets and gold coins for gambling. As the casino business began to flourish and they got more streamlined, these coins and nuggets were replaced by chips. They were easier for the casino staff to handle owing to their smaller size, lighter weight, and the ease that they offered in counting.

In those days, the chips were made using wood or bone. A mix of clay and paper was also used in making some of the chips for casinos. One of the major problems with the system of chips during those times was that players could use handmade chips to cheat in certain games. To prevent this from happening, the casinos began using the unique ivory and plastic chips.

Today, you have virtual chips if you choose to play one of the online casinos offering them as bonuses. The physical as well as virtual chips serve the same purpose. They’re given to players as a means of encouragement to stay longer in the casino and continue playing their favorite games.

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How free chips work

Generally, you’re not required to make any deposits when you’re given free chips. In fact, they’re a value of cash that you get for playing certain games after you sign up with an online casino. After meeting the terms and conditions of the casino, these free chips can lead you to winning some real money.

Free chips can’t therefore be equated with free games, as the latter doesn’t necessarily give you the chance to make real money. Sometimes, casinos give free chips after the new players enter some bonus codes during their registration.

So, don’t forget to enter the promotional code given by your casino during the sign-up process. Failure to do so would mean the loss of a wonderful opportunity to win big. Often, the online casino review sites contain some valuable information on the promotional codes offered by various casinos.

Many online casinos limit the use of free chips only on a few of their casino games. You must also keep this in mind and avoid playing games that are not covered under the offer. Usually the online casinos allow free chips to be used on a variety of slot games. As some of the other games can lead to significant wins after a few rounds, the casinos are careful not to include them in such offers.

It also makes sense to know the time limits set for such type of bonuses. The time limits are put in place by the casinos to reduce your chances of wins. Free chips are one of the clever marketing strategies employed by the online casinos. They obviously wouldn’t want to make losses while giving such offers to their new players.

How to take advantage of free chips

If you wish to benefit from free chips, the very first step is to find the best offer available online. Once you come across one, look for the wagering requirements of the online casino offering the free chips. Wagering requirements are among the key factors that the online casinos use to prevent players from cashing out their bonus wins.

A wagering requirement of an online casino is the amount you need to wager before you can withdraw the amount you’ve won. For example, if you’ve got an offer of $40 free chips and the wagering requirement is 40x, you’ll need to wager 1,600. It is only by wagering this sum that you’d be able to cash out your wins. If the time limit given is small, it would make things even more difficult for you.

This is why wagering requirements are an extremely important aspect of a free chips offer. Before you go ahead and sign up with the online casino, you need to go through the wagering requirements carefully. Having the biggest values is no guarantee that they’re the best. Some of the online casinos set maximum cashouts from the bonus wins.

This would mean that you can meet the wagering requirements within the set time limit. However, you can only withdraw your wins to a certain maximum amount. Once you’re convinced that the free chips offer you’ve got is the best, sign up on the online casino and claim them. You can then use these free chips to play online slots or table games.

What you must look for in the casino’s terms and conditions

Over the years, free chips have been instrumental in getting a lot of players for the online casinos. Through an attractive value of free chips, they convince players that they’ve got a lot to gain. It is the responsibility of players to carefully examine the terms and conditions of such offers. There are a few things that they need to be aware of.

Among them is the time limit that has been set for the free chips. Generally, the time limit for such offers range from 1 to 2 weeks. Once you’ve crossed this period, you’ll no longer be eligible for this offer. The casinos will always prevent you from cashing out the bonus wins with the duration of the offer.

Next thing to consider in terms and conditions is the wagering requirement. If the wagering requirement is high, you’ll end up spending a significant amount to cash out the bonus amount you’ve won. You must always check out this important factor as it plays an important role in deciding whether the offer is good for you or not.

Yet another important factor to look for is the maximum amount that you can withdraw. If the maximum amount you can withdraw is considerably lesser, the free chips won’t be profitable for you. You must remember that you’ll still need to meet the wagering requirement and use the free chips within the set time limit.

Calculation of free chips value and wagering

Let’s say you’ve signed up with an online casino and received free chips of $25. According to the terms and conditions of this casino, the wagering requirement is 40x. This means you’ll need to wager $1,000 before you can cash out the amount you’ve won. Besides, there are only a select number of games that you can play under this offer.

Suppose you’ve received free chips of $125 and the online casino requires you to wager 40x. In this case, you’ll need to wager $5000 before you cash out your wins. Slots is one of the games you can play with the chips. Now, the casinos usually have a minimum edge of 5% on slots. Here we’ll use this percentage as an example.

Now as 5% of $5,000 is $250. You’re likely to lose all the amount you’ve got as free chips here, as you began with $125 worth of free chips. Despite this, you still stand the chance of walking away as a winner. On your first spin, you might hit a jackpot of $6000. In this case, you’ll have a profit of $750.

Are free chips worth it for online casino players?

Free chips are one of the several types of welcome bonuses offered by the online casinos. They’ve now become a common marketing tool for attracting new players. While such bonuses provide a great way for online gamblers to test some of the games covered under the offer, they need to be careful. The terms and conditions of certain casinos can make it tougher for them to win.

Nevertheless, such bonuses reduce the risks for new players. They can play certain games, such as a limited number of slots, without risking real money. The only major challenge they face is the wagering requirement of the casino. This is what prevents the players from winning big and protects the casino from making losses. The games that the new players can try are also limited.

Slots usually have a relatively high house edge, which reduces the chances of players getting an attractive payout. The online casino also decides a maximum amount that a player can cash out upon winning. However, there are chances of players walking away with a good amount of profit if they hit a jackpot in the process.

Free chips and the other types of casino bonuses are also beneficial for new players trying to learn some of the games. If a player is completely new to an online casino, such bonuses can be used to try some games and get better at playing them. While it’s true that the casinos make it difficult for players to have an edge over the casino, bonuses do have their own benefits.