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As a result of its more significant payout percentages, European Roulette is now widely considered the best online roulette game. In every roulette casino, the European Roulette Game is always a popular choice. High-quality visuals and great betting options are just some of the reasons gamers adore the software developed by the company (Nucleus Gaming) launched in 2012.

European Roulette Nucleus Gaming
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Quick facts European Roulette

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Features European Roulette

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Features European Roulette

Awe-inspiring characteristics are included in the European Roulette game. To begin with, the 3D graphics are eye-catching and will entice you to dive straight in.

In addition, the design’s use of color was spot on. This brings the roulette wheel to life. In addition to the 3D wheel, you’ll also discover a betting table and tables for your neighbors.

It is simple for anyone to get into the game and enjoy themselves because of the structure of the buttons. Menu, Double Bets, Clear Bets, Rebet, Double & Spin, Autoplay, and Stop Autoplay are some of the controls you’ll encounter.

It’s also possible to play the European Roulette table game on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Bet & Payouts European Roulette

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Bet & Payouts European Roulette

Many roulette bets are available if you opt to play European Roulette for real money. Inside, outside, and neighbor bets are among these alternatives.

Inside Bets

As the name implies, inside bets are bets put on the tables inside perimeter. A total of five distinct types of bets can be placed. When you place an inside bet, you assume that a single number or a set of numbers will be selected. You can place inside bets on any following: straight up, split, street, corner, and six-line.

Outside Bets

Rather than betting on a single number on the board, you can wager on a group of numbers by placing a bet outside the board. As a result, they are easier to take off from the ground. Inside bets, on the other hand, provide substantially higher payouts. Column, dozen, odd/even, red/black, and bets higher or lower than 18 are all outside bets in the game. Beginners should start with these bets.

Neighbor Bets

The neighbor bet is another type of European Roulette bet. Bets on adjacent numbers are known as “neighbor bets.” You can gamble on up to five digits in this manner. On the edge of the racetrack, the bets of the neighbors are placed.

Game Tips & Tricks European Roulette

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Game Tips & Tricks European Roulette

It’s a straightforward strategy that has shown to be profitable for many roulette gamers. When you lose, you double your wager and you half your bet when you win. You will be able to recover your losses if you are successful.

This roulette wheel technique is the polar opposite of the Martingale strategy in terms of probability. When you lose, you lose half of your wager, and when you win, you win three times your investment.

Changing your investment after each spin is comparable to the Martingale approach. When you lose, your stake increases by one, and when you win, it decreases by 1.


European Roulette online game is one of the best roulette games to play for real money. Try your luck playing ER presented by Nucleus Gaming.