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7 Mojos has developed a bandit slot filled with interesting features and symbols. The game overlaps with another game by 7 Mojos– Wild Bandidos. The theme is the same, the backgrounds are congruent, and even the characters are exact duplicates. The only different thing in the gameplay is the bonus feature.

This game comes with an RTP of 94.83%, which is not great. Okay. But the best part is it has low volatility, which is enough to consider this a better alternative to the previous one.

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Bandidos showdown Reels
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Quick facts Bandidos Showdown

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Bandidos Showdown

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Bandidos Showdown

Just like the previous bandit slot, the features of this slot are somewhat the same. You will see three primary features– Wild Symbol, Bonus Game, and Gamble Feature.

Wild Symbol:
This symbol represents the sheriff of the town. Don’t worry it is not the real sheriff, but rather the sheriff’s badge. Wilds can replace all the normal symbols on the reels, which is their superpower. But did you know that the wilds also happen to be the highest-paying card in the slot?

The Bonus Game:
The bonus feature in all slots are the most coveted ones because they give you leverage in the game. In the game, the bonus symbol helps you trigger a mini-game.

But what happens in the mini-game?

There will be a professional shootout. You have to hit the right targets and win prizes. If you hit all 6 at the right targets, you win cash prizes too.

The icon is designed as a wanted poster, and you must land at least three to reap the benefits. But you can land them only in reels 2, 3, and 4. The more icons you land, the better.

The Gambling Feature:
Slot games offer an extra high risk, high reward gambling feature. Some players love to gamble, and why not? It helps them earn more rewards. Some players love to take risks, and this feature is very special for them.

In this game, you get the chance to double your winning by guessing the colors of the cards.

Games Theme Bandidos Showdown

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Games Theme Bandidos Showdown

This doesn’t need to be highlighted specifically. You can very much guess that by yourself– bandits, 80s Mexico town (kind of), pistols, etc. It gives you the right cowboy vibe while you are playing it. The first visuals are appealing, the setting is lovely, and so is the background.

You will notice an old town in the middle of the desert with some buildings, cacti, and an unmoving cart. The characters look like cowboys, and they appear as if they are on a run. They are nicely animated, and a thematic soundtrack powers the entire atmosphere.

Symbols / Payouts Bandidos Showdown

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Symbols / Payouts Bandidos Showdown

While the game’s symbols are the same as in the previous version, the prices differ. There are 9 paying cards in total, including the Wild Card. The character symbols are high-paying, and the suits are low-paying.

Here are the high-paying symbols in the game:

Bandidos showdown paytable

Game tips / tricks Bandidos Showdown

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Game tips / tricks Bandidos Showdown

The RTP of the game is a turn-off, less than the industry average of 96. So when you are taking your spins, know when to stop. Getting too involved in the graphics and the gameplay might backfire in the long run.

If you try out their demo version, it can help you gain some confidence before playing the actual game. Demo versions are similar to the original ones. You get fun coins which you can use instead of real money to know the behavior of the game.

Read all the regulations of the game thoroughly before risking your real money.


This slot’s graphics and gameplay are tremendous; no doubt you will love it. The Cowboy theme is very unique and attractive, and the way the game has been set up makes you crave more of it. The soundtrack is perfect and sets an atmosphere to keep playing the slot.

If we talk about other game details, the RTP is not very promising (94.83%). The volatility is low, and you can make up to 125X the bet amount. The features are quite interesting, though. The bonus and gamble features open your chance to increase the reward amount.

If you are trying to give this game a shot, then be ready. The Bandits are gonna loot the town in their conventionally old style.

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