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The devious raccoons are planning something big in the city of New York during the night. In their hunt for riches, they might carry out a perfect heist! Follow these furry animals on their adventurous quest with Cash Pandas. This intriguing online slot from Slotmill was released on May 11, 2023. 

The action takes place on a 7-reel grid having 7 rows and a background featuring a back-street alley of New York City lit by blue lights. This is an ideal atmosphere for these bandits to plunder the trash bins and unattended stores. The brilliant graphic design of this bandit-themed slot is complemented by a toe-tapping tune. 

They give you the right doses of thrills as you go for the spins. Cash Pandas is a high-volatility game with an RTP of 96.16% and a maximum win potential of 10,000x the bet. You’ll also have some exciting bonus features in this slot that can help you land some big wins.

Cash Pandas
Cash pandas
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Quick facts Cash Pandas

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Cash Pandas

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Cash Pandas

Avalanche : The Cluster Pays mechanic comes into play when 5 or more identical symbols land on the reels vertically or horizontally. A winning cluster is formed with these symbols as a result. Symbols that are a part of this winning cluster explode, creating an empty spot in their place. 

This causes the new symbols above them to tumble down and fill up the space. If this results in the formation of a new winning cluster, the process continues. It goes on until no new winning cluster is formed in the same spin. The win resulting from each avalanche is added to the overall win of the round.

Battery Charge Symbol : When this symbol appears, it adds 5 or 10 points to the collect meter. The Battery Charge symbol transforms into a Wild after adding these points.

Giant Symbols : These symbols may appear randomly on the grid at the beginning of a new round. Their sizes of 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 equal 4, 9, and 16 symbols of the same kind respectively. A Wild is generated in one of the empty spots before an avalanche while winning with a giant symbol. A non-winning giant symbol remains sticky until the end of the round or until it enters the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game.

The Collect Meter : A ball charge is generated by each explosion of a symbol. Every charge progresses the collect meter by 1 point. You’ll be awarded different power-up features with the filling of the meter. The first 3 steps each will need 25 points for adding any of these power-ups to the queue:

  • Random Wilds: This power-up feature adds up to 7 Wilds on the grid. 
  • Symbol Conversion: It selects a random symbol on the grid and transforms all the other symbols of the same kind into another symbol.
  • Symbol Removal: This feature chooses a symbol and removes all the other symbols of the same kind from the grid.

The power-ups in the queue are activated when no more avalanches are possible. During this process, the game round will continue normally. This allows the charging up of the collect meter for more effects, which also creates the possibility of additional wins. 

In the 4th step, an additional 25 points will be needed to enter the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game. At the end of the game round, the collect meter will reset. Once the meter reaches its cap, it can’t be charged further. The cap is 4 steps in the base game with 25 points each. The cap in the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game is 100 points.

Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game : You’ll be awarded the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game when the collect meter charges 4 times during the base game. All symbols will be absorbed into the meter after all the base power-ups have been played. A Giant Raccoon Wild is created on a new grid as a result. 

An overall multiplier gets activated when you enter the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game, which increases by x1 with each avalanche. The multiplier won’t reset until the game round ends. Before it breaks down into 1×1 Raccoon Wilds, the Giant Raccoon Wild is created a random number of times. 

The Raccoon Wilds remain sticky until won or the next stage of the bonus is entered. By filling the collect meter with 100 points, the next stage of the Bonus is activated with upgraded Raccoon Wilds. The 1st stage adds 2 to 5 2×2 Giant Raccoon Wilds and then 4 1×1 Raccoon Wilds are added at once. In the 2nd stage, 1 to 4 3×3 Giant Raccoon Wilds are added and then 9 1×1 Raccoon Wilds are added at once. 

The 3rd stage adds 1 to 4 4×4 Giant Raccoon Wilds and then adds 12 1×1 Raccoon Wilds at once. In every stage, the Giant Raccoon Wilds are added one after the other. The win gets evaluated before the entry of the next one. After the 3rd stage, the meter can’t be filled further.

Fast Track : With this feature, you can gain direct access to the bonus features of the game at a certain cost. For 400x the chosen bet, you can access stage 2 of the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game with x1 to x5 starting multiplier. 

You can purchase stage 2 of the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game with x1 starting multiplier for 200x the selected bet. For 70x the chosen bet, you can access stage 1 of the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game. You can buy the Giant symbol for 10x the selected bet.

Burst Mode : If you want a fast and focused Autoplay feature, choose the Burst Mode. This mode plays the game at a greater pace. Only the overall win per game is displayed as a result. Certain bonus features are automatically triggered and played in this mode, but it can be stopped at any time. After the end of the last round, the result of the gaming session is displayed.

Games Theme Cash Pandas

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Games Theme Cash Pandas

Cash Pandas has a bandit theme with 2 main characters as the devious raccoons. As the blue lights come alive in a back-street alley of New York City, these bandits carry out their heist. This alley features as the backdrop for the slot’s 7×7 grid. 

The graphic design of this game conveys the plot pretty well and the gameplay is made more interesting with an upbeat soundtrack. Even the symbols on the grid have been designed according to the slot’s theme.

Symbols / Payouts Cash Pandas

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Symbols / Payouts Cash Pandas

A cheese in a ‘W’ shape represents the Wild symbol in Cash Pandas. The other two Wilds in the slots appear as raccoons dressed in yellow. The low-paying symbols are a Green Can, a Blue Soda Can, a Doughnut, and an Apple. If you land 5 to more than 25 of the same kind, they’ll pay you in the range of 0.20x to 50x the bet. 

The high-paying symbols in this game are Blue, Red, and Green banknotes. Upon landing 5 to more than 25 of the same kind, you’ll receive between 0.40x and 150x the bet amount. The highest paying symbol is a Purple Raccoon. Land 5 to more than 25 of the same kind and you’ll get between 1x to 500x the amount of your bet.

Game tips / tricks Cash Pandas

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Game tips / tricks Cash Pandas

To spin the reels once, click on the big Spin button at the bottom-right corner of the game’s screen. If you want the reels to spin automatically, activate the auto-play mode. This can be done by clicking on the Autoplay button on the left of the big Spin button. 

You can then select your preferred number of spins to be played in the auto-play mode. Right above the big Spin button is the Burst Mode button. Click on it if you want to activate the Burst Mode. If you want to access your desired bonus features, click on the Fast Track button on the top-left of the grid. 

Right below it at the bottom-left of the game’s screen is the Menu button. By clicking on it, you can access the slot’s paytable and game rules. The Speaker icon can be used to turn the audio of the game on or off. Use the ‘-‘ or the ‘+’ button on the left of the Autoplay button to adjust the bet amount.


Cash Pandas opens with a shady-looking alley with blue lights. Along with a fabulous soundtrack, the visuals create the kind of atmosphere that suits the slot’s theme. The game also has a good RTP and maximum win potential. The win multipliers, power-ups, and collector meter can boost your wins to a great extent. 

If you don’t want to take the traditional route of spinning the reels and waiting for the bonuses to trigger, you can go for the Fast Track and Burst Mode features. Overall, Cash Pandas has some great elements to keep you entertained and it can land some festive wins as well!