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The Caveman Bob video slot is another great release from Relax Gaming. Stone Age caveman Bob, together with mammoths, apes, and his fellow cavemen, roams the Earth pleasantly and endearingly in this slot. Using stunning graphics, Rela devised an adventure that also provided a look into an ancient existence. In which an adventurous hunter has to travel deserts and ice-capped mountains to discover the 500x stake prize. As you battle your way through 3 distinct landscapes, this is an enticing game with additional bonus features to keep you entertained throughout.

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Quick facts Caveman Bob

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Caveman Bob

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Caveman Bob

As a result, there is no standard free spins feature in this slot since there is no scatter. Three separate characteristics are activated at random. We’ll go into great detail on how to activate each of these features from almost anywhere.

Hand Of Bob

One of the most conspicuous symbols will rise in rank. This process will continue until a larger victory than the first one is achieved. After this, there’s plenty of time to go on.

Mammoth Re-spin

There are three distinct sizes of giant mammoth symbols: 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4. For this reason, there are a variety of sizes to choose from.

Bobs Wheel

When Bob spins the wheel, you have a chance to win up to 50 times your original stake. There are three distinct settings in the slot: a cave, an oasis, and a mountain. Each one is distinct and has something special to give. So the slot is a three-in-one because of this special position Once you’ve unlocked all three locations, you may choose between them for your spins, starting with the cave. These are many aspects of the site.


Three characteristics may be triggered when bob catches a fish. To activate the wild feature, the fire embers that occur on a slot’s reels might spread wilds. These wilds may be clustered into a group of 13.


During this bonus, one to five stalactites fall into the reels and transform the whole reel into the wild.


This feature will be activated if Bob manages to capture one of the three Pterodactyl eggs. Additionally, there is a random wild feature, where 3 to 15 random wilds might occur on any reels.

Games Theme Caveman Bob

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Games Theme Caveman Bob

In this slot, we venture back to historic e cavemen and cavewomen times! Both the story and the art in this game are dynamic. There are 3 distinct areas to explore throughout the game, each with a distinct theme: the Oasis, the Cave, and the Mountain Peak, where Bob’s spiritual home is.

Symbols / Payouts Caveman Bob

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Symbols / Payouts Caveman Bob

Caveman: 5/4/3 = 15.00x, 9.00x, 2.40x

Mammoth: 5/4/3 = 7.50x, 4.50x, 1.20x

Unicorn: 5/4/3 = 6.00x, 3.00x, 0.90x

Wolf: 5/4/3 = 4.50x, 2.25x, 0.75x

Bird: 5/4/3 = 3.00x, 1.50x, 0.60x

Spade: 5/4/3 = 2.40x, 0.90x, 0.30x

Peak: 5/4/3 = 50x, 150x, 400x

Heart: 5/4/3 = 5x, 150x, 350x

Clubs: 5/4/3 = 50x, 150x, 300x

Tambourine: 5/4/3 = 50x, 150, 250x

Game tips / tricks Caveman Bob

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Game tips / tricks Caveman Bob

Don’t forget that there’s an Autoplay option that will allow you to take a break by pressing the button each time you want to spin the reels. Instead, you can activate it on the left-hand bottom side of the reels for up to 100 spins.


Relax Gaming’s previous work has shown that they can produce high-quality games, and this one is no exception. Caveman Bob is a fun online slot, although it can be a little difficult to get the gist of upon first play. It features 3 different worlds (landscapes) and you can trigger different random bonuses in each one. We’d suggest playing it in demo mode to get familiar with the gameplay before betting real cash. But one thing is for sure, you’ll have an enjoyable experience with an entertaining theme and high-quality design.