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Step into the enchanting realm of Lucky Dwarfs, a captivating video slot meticulously crafted by Ela Games. Featuring a timeless 5×3 layout and 10 paylines, this game beckons players of all levels to explore its magical landscape. Boasting a Return to Player (RTP) of 95.90%, Lucky Dwarfs aligns with the industry standard for player returns, ensuring a fair and engaging experience. What sets this game apart is its high volatility, promising an exhilarating journey with the potential for substantial rewards, including a coveted maximum win multiplier of x250,000.

The game is a treasure trove of features, enhancing the gameplay with surprises and opportunities. As you spin the reels, immerse yourself in a world where luck and charm intertwine. Join the Lucky Dwarfs on an exciting adventure, as each spin promises to uncover hidden treasures and unlock the pathway to extraordinary wins. Lucky Dwarfs is not just an online slots game; it’s a magical escapade into a realm where fortune smiles upon the daring. Are you ready to spin and discover the riches that await?

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Quick facts Lucky Dwarfs

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Lucky Dwarfs

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Lucky Dwarfs

With Lucky Dwarfs, you may go on an amazing gaming journey and enjoy many benefits and features that will improve your experience.

Random Wild:

The Random Wild feature comes alive at unpredictable intervals, showering the reels with 3 to 5 additional Wilds. Brace yourself for unexpected twists as these Wilds spread across the screen, creating opportunities for thrilling wins in the blink of an eye.

Gold Respins:

Triggered by the appearance of 5 or more Cash Prize symbols, the Gold Respins feature unfolds with 3 spins. Each time a new Cash Prize symbol graces the reels, the spin counter resets to 3, prolonging the excitement. Cash Prize symbols carry values ranging from 1x to 100x the bet amount. The remarkable feat of landing all 15 Cash Prizes promises substantial wins and unlocks an additional 500x the bet amount.

Wheel of Luck:

Unleash the magic of the Wheel of Luck by landing at least 3 of its symbols on the reels. This feature transports you to a realm of jackpot possibilities when you play for real at the best online casino. Give the wheel a spin and anticipate the thrill of winning one of the jackpot prizes:

Mini: 20x the total bet

Minor: 50x the total bet

Major: 200x the total bet

Grand: 5000x the total bet

With every spin, the Wheel of Luck introduces the potential for monumental wins, adding an element of suspense and anticipation to your gameplay. Whether you’re benefiting from the surprise influx of Random Wilds, chasing the escalating excitement of Gold Respins, or testing your luck on the Wheel of Luck, Lucky Dwarfs ensures that every moment is brimming with excitement and the potential for dazzling rewards. Immerse yourself in this enchanting world and let the features of Lucky Dwarfs elevate your gaming journey to unprecedented heights. Are you ready to uncover the treasures that await at every spin?


Games Theme Lucky Dwarfs

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Games Theme Lucky Dwarfs

Lucky Dwarfs transports players to a fantastical setting where charming elements and wacky dwarfs coexist to create a remarkable gaming experience. With a similar theme to Wazdan’s Dwarfs Fortune, the theme is presented in a traditional 5×3 arrangement with endearing motifs and eye-catching visuals. The game introduces the mysterious Random Wild feature, which surprises players with extra Wilds at random intervals as the reels spin. Suspense is increased with the Gold Respins feature, which allows players to collect Cash Prize symbols and reveal amazing payouts. The Wheel of Fortune, where players spin for the chance to win jackpot rewards, completes the enthralling story and generates suspense and excitement. Take in the enchanting atmosphere of Lucky Dwarfs, a fairytale where magic, luck, and amazing characteristics combine to create an unforgettable adventure full of rewards.

Symbols / Payouts Lucky Dwarfs

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Symbols / Payouts Lucky Dwarfs

J, Q Symbols:

  • Three on a Payline: X5
  • Four on a Payline: X10
  • Five on a Payline: X50

K, A Symbols:

  • Three on a Payline: X10
  • Four on a Payline: X20
  • Five on a Payline: X100

Grey Dwarf, Brown Dwarf Symbols:

  • Three on a Payline: X25
  • Four on a Payline: X50
  • Five on a Payline: X200

Orange Dwarf Symbol:

  • Three on a Payline: X50
  • Four on a Payline: X100
  • Five on a Payline: X500

Red Dwarf, Dynamite Symbols:

  • Three on a Payline: X100
  • Four on a Payline: X200
  • Five on a Payline: X1000

Game tips / tricks Lucky Dwarfs

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Game tips / tricks Lucky Dwarfs

Understand the Features: Familiarize yourself with the three main features of the game – Random Wild, Gold Respins, and Wheel of Luck. Knowing how each feature works will help you make strategic decisions during gameplay.

Random Wilds Advantage: Take advantage of the Random Wild feature. Since it occurs at unpredictable intervals, be prepared for unexpected twists in the game. These Wilds can significantly increase your chances of winning by creating more opportunities for winning combinations.

Cash Prize Symbols in Gold Respins: Focus on landing Cash Prize symbols to trigger the Gold Respins feature. The more Cash Prize symbols you get, the longer the feature lasts. Keep an eye on the spin counter and aim to land as many Cash Prize symbols as possible, as they carry values that can contribute to substantial wins.


In conclusion, Lucky Dwarfs, brought to life by Ela Games, is more than just a video slot; it’s a mesmerising journey into enchantment and opportunity. With its classic 5×3 layout, 10 generous paylines, and a Return to Player (RTP) of 95.90%, the game ensures a fair and engaging experience for players of all levels. What truly sets Lucky Dwarfs apart is its high volatility, offering an exhilarating adventure with the potential for substantial rewards, including a remarkable maximum win multiplier of x250,000.

The game unfolds as a treasure trove of features, adding excitement to every spin. Immerse yourself in the magical landscape where luck and charm intertwine, joining the Lucky Dwarfs on an adventure that promises hidden treasures and extraordinary wins. The high volatility guarantees that each spin is filled with anticipation, making every moment a thrilling escapade into a realm where fortune smiles upon the daring.