Reef Pop

Take a dive into the underwater world with ReefPop! This 6-reel online slot takes you on a tour of a reef that’s beautiful and also quite dangerous. This is the place where you’ll sense a great conflict brewing. On one side there are these noble fish and on the other you have the cruel invaders.

You’ll be drawn into this battle with some exciting symbols, including the Piranha with a Bomb and Hooked Shark. However, your eyes will be on the Golden Shark; the most valued symbol in the game. It will give you a good reason to battle the unrelenting invaders.

The game was launched on March 10, 2023, by the award-winning game provider, AvatarUX.  With 294,912 ways to win, who wouldn’t want to try it out? The slot is mobile-friendly and compatible with all the leading browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.

The game’s RTP of 96% looks quite promising. Besides, the multipliers give you the opportunity to win big with each spin.

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Reef Pop Reels
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Quick facts Reef Pop

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Free Spins, Bonus Buy

Bonus Features / Jackpots Reef Pop

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Reef Pop

Unlimited Free Spins:

You’ll trigger the Free Spins round if the number of symbols in the base game reels reaches 6. The Free Spins begin with a 2x multiplier. The reels doesn’t reset fully between each spin during Free Spins round. It’s only reset down to the shortest column height. If a spin gives you a win, the counter is reset back to 3.

Golden Shark:

The values of Golden Shark symbols are multiplied by the number of such symbols across the reels. The number of Golden Shark symbols that you win will carry a certain value. It is multiplied by their number across all reels in the game. The value of Golden Shark symbols is doubled when you fully unlock the Free Spins.

Gamble Wheel:

You get higher starting reels and multiplier upon winning the gamble of your Unlimited Free Spins on the Gamble Wheel. This feature is an option that you’ll have before playing your Unlimited Free Spins. If you lose the gamble, you’ll go back without playing the Free Spins to the base game.

With every win in the gamble you’ll get to increase the reel height. In the first gamble, it increases from 4 to 5. By winning another gamble, you’ll get to increase the reel height to 6.


The size of the playable area increases with this feature. The mechanism starts with a winning combination. Moving from the left to right, it is created by several winning methods. The winning symbols explode as soon as they’re revealed.

When this happens, two new symbols appear in their place. Each reel can reach up to 8 symbols in Free Spins and 6 in the base game. The mechanics of PopWins, therefore, are what make the gameplay of ReefPop even more exciting.

Games Theme Reef Pop

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Games Theme Reef Pop

ReefPop has a soothing underwater theme, which has some pleasant images of rocks, coral, and weeds. The marine creatures on the reels have some human-like elements. You’ll notice this when you see them wielding baseball bats, holding bombs, and sporting bandanas. However, the slot’s center of attraction is the gaming panel, which has 6 reels and 4 rows.

When the winning symbols begin popping, one part of it expands and stretches beyond its original size. You’ll hear a cool soundtrack playing in the background, which sounds like jazz. With ReefPop, AvatarUX has done a fantastic job of giving the slot players a chance to experience the thrill of a deep-see battle.

Symbols / Payouts Reef Pop

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Symbols / Payouts Reef Pop

The poker card values of Q, K, and A are the low-paying symbols in ReefPop. The payouts that they offer range from 0.1x to 0.6x of your bet amount. A Piranha with a Bomb, Hooked Shark, and Pufferfish are the symbols that offer medium payouts. Upon landing up to six of these symbols, they can pay you 0.2x to 1x your bet.

You’ll get high payouts in the range of 0.3x to 1.5x of your stake with the bat-wielding Shark, Octopus, and Lantern Fish. Then there’s a super high-paying symbol, the Golden Shark. It can reward you with 0.6x to 3x your bet. The Golden Shark makes an appearance in all the games.

Reef Pop Paytable

Game tips / tricks Reef Pop

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Game tips / tricks Reef Pop

The best ways to enter straight into the Free Spins rounds are ReefPop’s bonus buy options. You’ll have three such options in this slot game. With 100x your bet, you can buy a standard Free Spins round. Then there’s a gamble option with 100x the bet, which allows you to start the Free Spins.

You’ll have a larger grid size if you’re successful in the gamble. If you’re unsuccessful, you’ll have no free spins. The third bonus buy option is the Buy Bonux Max, which is 400x the bet. It buys you extended Free Spins with 54432 ways to win.


The very first thing about ReefPop that catches your eye is its oceanic theme. It gives you the pleasure of witnessing some truly immersive visuals. Then there’s the bonus round, which impresses you with some excellent payouts. Thanks to the PopWins mechanism, the game keeps you hooked despite its lesser number of features.

After you have a winning combination, you see the playing field expand, giving you greater chances of wins. There are times when you feel that the base game isn’t paying you much. However, if you accumulate a big multiplier and get a winning combination, you might get back what you’ve lost, but we remind you to gamble responsibly.

If you manage to qualify for the bonus round, you can win way more than your bet amount. The Free Spins round gives you the chance of a win multiplier. Such features are what keep you interested in the game.