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Get ready to have some fun with two of the most abled robots in the universe– Sparky and Shortz. You have to help them to save their planet and collect some rare and precious metals. In the journey, you have to go through all the odds and bag as rewards as you can.

Will the 7×7 grid slot with a robotics theme get all your attention? Well, the prequel of the slot named Sparky and Shortz did a pretty good job. And because the previous one was a hit, PlayN Go came up with this version.

The RTP of the game is 96.20% (lower models are available). The volatility is mid-high range. While the return could be decent, the frequency of making big swings could be less.

Let’s see some of the bonus features of Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules, brought to you by Playn’ Go

sparky and shorts hidden joules
sparky and shorts reels
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Quick facts Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules

There are four bonus features– Transforming Mega Bonus Symbols, Boost Meter and Win Multiplier, Wild Symbols, and Free Spins.

Transforming Mega Bonus Symbols:

This feature helps you transform some random symbols into mega symbols. Each transformation also helps you increase the win multiplier by 1. You can trigger this feature by landing Alien symbols or Crystal symbols.

Boost Meter and Win Multiplier:

Like the Mega Bonus Symbols, this Boost Meter also helps you increase your rewards. You can trigger Boost Meter by landing winning combos. It starts at +2 win multiplier and goes up to +5. The more the Boost Meter is charged, the more the multipliers and the more the rewards.

Wild Symbols:

The feature Wilds in the game can make your entire gaming experience over the top. Try to collect four feature wilds and see Sparky turn into a WILD SPARKY!

Free Spins:

Here comes the highly appreciated slot feature– The Free Spins. You can trigger free spins by landing 3 scatter symbols in 1, 3, or 5 reels and bag a base of 10 Free Spins. You can get an additional 5 free spins if you land 3 more scatters in the free spins rounds. The best thing is that the maximum amount of free spins you can bag is up to 100!

Games Theme Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules

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Games Theme Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules

The theme has many elements, like robots, planets, and Astro World. Delving into all these elements is always fun and entertaining. And as many players have an ardent love for robots and droids, Play And Go came up with – Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules.

To make this more interesting, the studio created an interesting background story. Two charismatic robots named Sparky and Shortz are going to save their planet and collect some precious metals. With this being the central theme, the slot has some very creative symbols as well.

And if we talk about the graphics, the studio has also done a pretty good job. With a very “new school” concept, the graphics give you some spooky vibes.

Symbols / Payouts Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules

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Symbols / Payouts Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules

The game has very realistic yet cartoonish symbols in the lot. They are divided into three categories– high-paying symbols, low-paying symbols, and Special symbols.

The high-paying symbols include symbols like the alien symbols. The alien symbols can also help you to maximize your bet by 100X to 250X when 25 or more of them are connected in a cluster.

The low-paying symbols of the game are the gems– with different shapes and colors. You also have special symbols like the wilds in the game. There are a total of 6 wilds in the game– four feature wilds, a regular wild, and a mega sparky wild.

Game tips / tricks Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules

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Game tips / tricks Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules

As the game was released in June this year, it is still being tested by big players. The behavior and returns are not yet very clear– even if the numbers are released. While the RTP is more than the industry average, the volatility makes it difficult to get big wins frequently. So, make sure to set a small risk appetite and play with caution.

Another way to get some insights beforehand is by trying out the demo version of the game. The demo or free-play version helps you understand how the game works using fun coins!

No matter how enticing the game is, it still involves money. So, try not to overindulge yourself in the game.


Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules is a 7×7 slot with 96.28% RTP– better than the average slot game. The theme of the game is about robots, planets, and precious gems. You have to help the two droids, Sparky and Shortz, to save their planet and recover some treasury.

If we talk about the features, the game has some pretty solid features. The Boost Meter and Win Multiplier is a very creative feature– it can be very lucrative sometimes. You can also use free spin rounds to maximize your rewards without spending any extra money.

But the real question is – “Is the game as fancy as it sounds?” While it sounds fancy, you can always try a free-play version and spin the wheel to earn some fun rewards.