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Sometimes the old classic slots are a pleasant diversion from the newer machines with re-spins, wilds, hidden games, and every type of theme from fairies to ancient warriors or dragons. It’s good to go old school once in a while. Welcome to Triple Diamond offered by IGT.

For one thing, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to play the game or follow your wins and losses. Just place your bet on 1-9 lines and your total bet.  The minimum bet is 25 cents, with a maximum benefit of $250 per bet.

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Triple Diamond Reels
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Quick facts Triple Diamond

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Triple Diamond

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Triple Diamond

There is no bonus round, but you are looking for the “Triple Diamond Symbols” for the biggest payouts. 

Win lines run left to right and right to left and in a v-shaped pattern. Besides the triple diamond symbols, there are single, double and triple bar symbols, and 7’s. Just what you would expect from a traditional casino slot.

Games Theme Triple Diamond

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Games Theme Triple Diamond

The slots theme is clearly traditional, with the symbols being Triple Diamonds, 7’s and single, double and triple bars. The colour scheme works pretty well and again is traditional. Our only complaint is that the Triple Diamond Symbols are a little dull looking.

We’d prefer something a little flashier such as faceted diamonds tone. The lucky red 7 and the bar are old one arm bandit symbols reminiscent of Vegas and it works well, as the excitement builds to what will fall in next in line.

Symbols / Payouts Triple Diamond

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Symbols / Payouts Triple Diamond

Highest to lowest:

Triple diamonds on line 9 – an astounding payout maximum payout of $311,923.50 The high payout alone is liable to make many people play this game.

One diamond icon rewards two credits, combined with the credits from the bars or 7’s.

Two diamond icon rewards 10 credits combined with the credits from the bars or 7’s.

Three diamonds reward 2000 credits.

100 rewards credits for three 7s symbols,

40 credits equal three yellow bars.

20 credits reward for purple bars.

10 credits reward three blue bars.

Five credits equal three black bars.

Max win is x25,000 times your bet. Very big payoff.


Sometimes the old ways are the best ways, and this slot just reeks of old Vegas when times were simpler. As an option to play, it’s a pleasure after you get tired of so many new generation slot machines that try to masquerade they are a classic slot machine. 

Triple Diamonds is a pure pleasure to play, and the jackpot is huge. What more do you want in a diamond themed video slot?