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Get ready for an adventure in X-Demon Bonus Buy, where you’ll enter a portal and face off against the forces of darkness. Brace yourself for a journey as you hold the key to unlocking Free Spins through the Bonus Buy feature. Armed with this tool, you’ll venture into the depths of hell. Confront menacing demons.

As the guardian of humanity, your mission is to wield the shield of the Bonus Buy and defeat fiery creatures. Crush evil with a triumph! Your objective during the Free Spins game is to collect defeated enemies and transform them into Wild symbols, allowing you to unleash combinations against hordes of foes.

Prepare yourself to become a defender who harnesses the power of Free Spins to conquer darkness and emerge as a hero in X-Demon Bonus Buys’ exhilarating world.

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Quick facts x-Demon Bonus Buy

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Bonus Features / Jackpots x-Demon Bonus Buy

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Bonus Features / Jackpots x-Demon Bonus Buy

X-Demon Bonus Buy offers a captivating array of bonuses and features that will plunge you into a thrilling battle against the forces of darkness. Here are the bonuses and features of the game.

Wild Attack Feature: In this formidable feature, the Wild Attack symbols exclusively grace the top row and are not part of the standard win lines. When a Wild Attack symbol aligns with a Demon symbol (a high-paying symbol) directly below it, the Demon transforms into a Wild. This transformation paves the way for the creation of winning combinations. Wild symbols possess the remarkable ability to substitute for all other symbols except Bonus symbols, enhancing your chances of victory.

Bonus Symbol: The appearance of Bonus symbols is your ticket to the world of Free Spins. Three Bonus symbols will unlock 8 Free Spins, four symbols grant you 10 Free Spins and five Bonus symbols bestow a generous 12 Free Spins, offering you extended opportunities to triumph.

Free Spins: Delve into the Free Spins game, where each Demon comes with a collection counter, revealing the number of Demons that remain in the battle. The Free Spins round introduces the potential for Demon symbols to turn into Wilds through the Wild Attack feature, diminishing the Demon collection count. Once you’ve successfully collected all the Demons, they transform into Golden Wilds for the remainder of the Free Spins, creating exceptional opportunities for colossal wins.

Bonus Buy: For those seeking a shortcut to the action, the Bonus Buy feature is your golden ticket to 8, 10, or 12 Free Spins. You can expedite your journey into the heart of the battle and potentially seize heroic victories by purchasing your entry to the Free Spins round.

With the Wild Attack Feature, Free Spins, and the captivating Bonus Buy option, X-Demon Bonus Buy offers an array of features that promise an exhilarating gaming experience filled with epic battles, transformations, and untold treasures waiting to be claimed.

Games Theme x-Demon Bonus Buy

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Games Theme x-Demon Bonus Buy

Get ready to enter the dark recesses of X-Demon Bonus Buy, where a new otherworldly doorway of unfathomable power has opened. This time, players have more power because of the Bonus Buy function, which gives them access to a greater selection of Free Spins. The players’ mission in this evil domain is to fend against the unrelenting legions of demons and stop them from invading the world of humans. The Bonus Buy shield acts as your protector, fending off the forces of evil and enabling the radiance of colossal wins to eradicate all evidence of evil. You succeed in the battle against the ominous residents of the abyss by turning vanquished monsters into Wild symbols during Free Spins and creating successful combos.

Symbols / Payouts x-Demon Bonus Buy

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Symbols / Payouts x-Demon Bonus Buy

Following are the symbols & payouts of the game- 

Red Demon– If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 150 x the bet amount.

Purple Demon– If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 37 x the bet amount.

Green Demon–  If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 30 x the bet amount.

Dark Blue Demon-  If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 24 x the bet amount.

Light Blue Demon–  If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 20 x the bet amount.

Heart & Diamond–  If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 6 x the bet amount.

Clubs & Spades–  If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 3.5 x the bet amount.

Game tips / tricks x-Demon Bonus Buy

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Game tips / tricks x-Demon Bonus Buy

Embrace the Bonus Buy: The Bonus Buy feature allows you to purchase 8, 10, or 12 Free Spins. This can be a strategic choice to jumpstart your gameplay and enhance your chances of triggering the Wild Attack and Free Spins features.

Watch for Wild Attacks: Keep an eye on the top row for Wild Attack symbols. When they align with a Demon symbol below, the Demon transforms into a Wild, increasing your potential for winning combinations. These Wilds can replace all symbols except Bonus symbols.

Collect Demons: During Free Spins, each Demon has a collection counter. The goal is to collect enough Demons to turn them into Golden Wilds, which can significantly boost your winnings. Look for opportunities to trigger the Wild Attack feature to reduce Demon collections.


Players set out on a heroic mission in the world of X-Demon Bonus Buy to repel hellish hordes and use the might of Free Spins and Wilds. You may go into the depths and acquire extra free spins with the creative Bonus Buy feature, enhancing your chances of turning Demons into Golden Wilds. With every spin, the fight against darkness and evil intensifies, presenting heroic wins as you gather vanquished enemies and turn them into friends. Your victory over the evil powers is celebrated at the game’s finale when your tactical skill and the use of Free Spins illuminate the depths of the abyss. X-Demon Bonus Buy is an intense and rewarding gaming experience that offers thrilling gameplay and the chance for amazing triumphs.