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Draw High Low is a random number generator card game. An automated version of the classic card game played in casinos worldwide based on its roots. The RNG determines the outcome of every round in this version of the Card Game. Since you aren’t playing against a human dealer, there is no way to converse with other players in this game. Draw High Low Mobile is available on smartphones and tablets.

Draw High Low Nucleus Gaming
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Quick facts Draw High Low

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Features Draw High Low

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Features Draw High Low

Keep track of your cards and remember how much each card is worth discarded from a deck if you want to use this technique. If you master this trick, the house edge will be reduced to practically nothing, and your chances of winning a higher amount will improve.

Suppose you draw a card that has four on it. While the odds of picking “low pay” are x3.00, it is the best choice if you look at the payoff compared to those odds.

However, Draw High Low differs from most poker variants in that it does not employ a 52-card deck.

Bet & Payouts Draw High Low

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Bet & Payouts Draw High Low

The chips used to compose this evaluation were worth $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500 each. Simply click in the place bet field after selecting a chip value to place a bet.

We’ll use a $5 chip as our illustrative example. Imagine that the first card pulled from the deck is the 6 of hearts. This would be a devastating blow.

You can see by looking at the paytable above that x2.00 will appear in the low-pay section. You’ll earn more money if the next card is a 2 or a 3 instead of a 6. This indicates that if the next card is lower than six, you will receive (2.00x$5) – your ante profit.

You’ll get x1.50 on the high end. If the following card dealt is higher than 6, you will win 1.50x$5.

Game Tips & Tricks Draw High Low

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Symbols / Payouts Draw High Low

It is impossible to utilize the same card twice in the same game. After you’ve seen one card sporting a given suit, you won’t see it again in the same game. This is undoubtedly a tip that will help you win more money.

A player can wager on either a higher or a lower card if the outcome is not immediately apparent. For example, if the ace card is on the table, the next card is higher or of equivalence. Bets are out of the question in this situation.

A player can cash out their winnings during the game. However, you can’t just walk away from the game after making your first decision or seeing the first card.

The paytable supplied by a casino determines how much you win if you correctly guess the following card to be dealt. Tie bets in games are known as “push bets.” You’ll lose your wager if you’re wrong.


Whether you’ve played casino games before or not, Draw High Low keeps you entertained from start to finish. Predicting which card will appear next is a fun part of the game. You can lessen the advantage of the house by implementing successful tactics. You’ll have a good time playing this game despite the low payouts. Play Draw High Low online and take advantage of bonuses.