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Pontoon is a game similar to blackjack. This title by Nucleus is a computerized version of the classic card game known from land-based casinos worldwide, developed for online play. In this version of the game, which is entirely automated, the outcome of each round is determined by the Random Number Generator. There is no human interaction in this game, and you do not play against a live dealer.

Pontoon Nucleus Gaming
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Quick facts Pontoon

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Features Pontoon

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Features Pontoon

The name “Pontoon” refers to accomplishing a 21 with your first two cards. It’s the best hand you could have gotten at the time. It is possible to go into a Pontoon due to splitting, which is not possible in regular blackjack.

According to the rules of Nucleus Pontoon, the “5-card trick” is the second-strongest hand in the game of poker. Except for a Pontoon, it’s the best there is. It doesn’t matter how many cards you have in your hand; as long as you don’t have more than 21.

To stand, you must have at least 15 points in your hand. It is possible to open up to three positions against the dealer in multi-hand mode;

Bet & Payouts Pontoon

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Bet & Payouts Pontoon

Regular blackjack pays 3:2 if you get a natural and 1:1 if you get a pair or better. When you win with 16-21, you get even money in Nucleus Pontoon online, but you get a better 2:1 payout for a natural (2-card) 21 and a 5-card trick. While it’s disappointing to lose on ties, the permissive double down and split rules help make it easier to swallow.

You can expect an RTP rate of 99.62%, which is higher than most games of 21’s. A hunch isn’t going to cut it in this game, so make sure you employ a basic strategy chart created just for this edition. The house has a 2.52 percent lead on the “Sweet 16” side bet. The game’s house advantage is 0.50 percent, which is in line with the average for the genre.

Game Tips & Tricks Pontoon

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Symbols / Payouts Pontoon

On loading the game, you’ll see a highlighted “Place Bet” area in the center of the screen. The $1-$75 limitations above indicate the minimum and maximum stakes per hand. Choose a chip from the bottom-right corner of the screen and place it in one of the predefined areas to begin playing Nucleus Gaming’s Pontoon. You can’t use the side bet until you’ve first wagered on the main event.

As expected, you can utilize fundamental techniques to reduce the house advantage in Pontoon. It will be necessary to alter your strategy to account for 5-card tricks, the fact that you will lose ties, and the lack of an up card on the dealer’s side.


This Nucleus Gaming product impressed our reviewers. It’s similar to blackjack in gameplay but with a few extra rules and payouts to keep things interesting. By playing it correctly, you can get one of the best return rates on investment in gaming. In addition, the side bet and multi-hand modes can always make things more intriguing.