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Western Australia is one of Australias most diverse and largest states – it covers approximately one-third of the country! So if you haven’t already guessed, there’s a lot to see. You’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches, crystal clear oceans, vineyards (with Australias finest wines), ancient aboriginal sites and bizarre rock formations. It’s also home to many incredible attractions that attract thousands of visitors each year. Such as Kings Park and Botanic Garden, The Pinnacles Desert, Cable Beach, Lake Hillier, Karijinia National Park and Perth Zoo. And a wide range of fun casinos to choose from when your want to experience the bustling nightlife. Read on to find out about the best ones to visit…

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Crown Casino Perth

This casino offers over 2,500+ slot game machines that offer traditional slot games and also ultra-modern ones with the latest technology. You can also choose from 350 table games! Including the classic blackjack, baccarat and poker and also many variations of each. This casino is a little dated and has been updated for a while (in the time of writing). However, it offers great entertainment and a clean and friendly space to enjoy.

Burswood WA

Pearl Room

The pearl room offers a top-notch gaming casino in a luxurious and stylish casino design. You can also enjoy a VIP gaming experience with many different benefits if you sign up! If this isn't enough, you can enjoy a 180-degree view of the city skyline. You can choose from over 2,000 electronic games and over 240 table games. And they also offer 12 poker games with regular tournaments and cash games.

Scarborough WA

Hot Flush Casino

The best thing about this casino is that it's possible to hire it for events, so if you've got a birthday, engagement or any other special date you can host it at Hot Flush! They also have a five-star restaurant so you can enjoy a delicious meal before a night full of gaming fun. They offer all of the table games classics such as blackjack, roulette and poker. All tables are uniquely designed to give you a personalised and special gambling experience.

Top 5 Online Casinos in Western Australia

Crown Perth: The Crown Jewel of Western Australia’s Casino Legacy

In the heart of Western Australia lies a gaming paradise that has redefined entertainment: Crown Perth. Join us on a journey through time as we unravel the story behind Western Australia’s iconic casino and its extraordinary blend of gaming excitement and dazzling entertainment.

A Pioneering Beginning: Crown Perth’s Grand Entrance

The year was 1985 when Crown Perth, once known as Burswood Entertainment Complex, made its spectacular debut. Nestled on the banks of the Swan River, it instantly became a beacon of opulence and entertainment, reshaping the state’s leisure landscape.

Gaming Galore: The Enthralling World of Casino Action

Crown Perth isn’t just a casino—it’s a haven for gaming enthusiasts. The sprawling gaming floor houses an eclectic mix of options: from classic table games like roulette to cutting-edge electronic gaming machines, and poker rooms alive with anticipation. The thrill of possibility lingers in every corner, catering to both seasoned players and newcomers seeking excitement.

Beyond the Tables: A Kaleidoscope of Entertainment

Crown Perth transcends gaming boundaries, offering a diverse tapestry of entertainment. The stage comes alive with world-class performances, live concerts, and pulsating events that keep the energy flowing long after the cards are shuffled. Whether it’s a star-studded show or an evening of vibrant nightlife, Crown Perth delivers unforgettable experiences.

Evolution and Innovation: Crafting the Crown Experience

Over the years, Crown Perth has continually evolved, embracing innovation and renovation to stay ahead of the curve. Enhancements and expansions have been constant companions, ensuring that guests are treated to the finest in gaming technology and entertainment spectacles.

Responsible Gaming Commitment: Upholding Integrity

Crown Perth’s commitment to responsible gaming is unwavering. Collaborating with Western Australia’s regulatory framework, the casino maintains an environment that promotes safe and responsible gaming for all guests.

Today’s Crown Perth: Where Majesty Meets Excitement

Crown Perth remains the epitome of casino entertainment in Western Australia. It stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of high-stakes gaming and world-class entertainment, promising an unparalleled experience for all who step through its doors. Many Australian online casinos try to recreate the blend of entertainment that you’ll find at Crown Perth casino.

Western Australia Casino FAQs

Is gambling legal in Western Australia?

Yes, gambling in Western Australia became legal in 1984. National laws have been bought in since to regulate gambling providers so that they have access to many online casinos too.

How old do you have to be to gamble Western Australia?

You have to be 18+ to bet online or at land-based casinos in Western Australia.

How many casinos are in WA?

There are only 3 land-based casinos in Western Australia but many online casino options.

Which cities have casinos in WA?

  • Perth
  • Scarborough

What’s the best casino in Western Australia?

Crown Casino Perth is the best casino. It offers a huge range of gaming options with over 2,500+ slot game machines and 350+ table games. And they also hold live entertainment nights, top-quality dining and regular tournaments so customers have a great all-round gaming experience.

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