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Catch the Leprechaun is a 5×3 Irish-themed slot game designed by Platipus Gaming. It was released in March 2023 with an RTP of 95% and 20 paylines. The gameplay and the graphics are quite popular, and why not? It’s Platipus Gaming.

But what puts the slot to the test is its “uniqueness” due to the massive usage of “Leprechaun” as a character in the slot. Look, there have been a lot of slots with similar graphics and backgrounds. Even very popular gaming studios have brought up the same game with several interesting features.

Does Catch the Leprechaun stand a chance to compete with some of the best slot games with a similar theme? Let’s find out.

catch the leprechaun reels
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Quick facts Catch the Leprechaun

Video slots
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No. of Reels
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Max win
RTP (payout percentage)
Bonus Game, Free Spins, Collect Feature

Bonus Features / Jackpots Catch the Leprechaun

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Catch the Leprechaun

If it is, to be honest, then the features of the slots differentiate from one another. Fortunately, Catch the Leprechaun by Platipus Gaming has several interesting features. To start with, it has got free spins and buy feature. You will find a Collect feature, typically something new by the studio. There is also a bonus game feature that has got some great rewards for you.

Let’s get down to them in detail.

Catch the Leprechaun Free Spins:

After you land more than 3 scatter symbols n the reels, you can trigger the free spins round. But this also comes with a reward– you can get 2–50X your reward amount!

You can trigger 8 free spins in one go. If you land three or more scatter symbols here, too, then you can trigger another 8 spins (even more).

Bonus Game:

There is a collect icon in the game. If you land this collect icon and a jackpot symbol or bonus symbol on the 5th column, then you can receive massive cash prizes(20-150X bets per line).

Well, there are 3 types of bonuses in the slot– Minor, Major, and Grand. The Minor Bonus is worth around 200X the bet, The Major Bonus is about 1000X the bet, and The Grand Bonus is around 5000X the bet amount.

The Collect Feature:

If a cash bonus and a collect feature appear in a row, then the cash bonus will get added to your reward table. This is a very unique feature and even gives you decent rewards.

The Bonus Buy Feature:

This has been a classic feature of all the slot games by Platipus Gaming. It gives you a chance to trigger free spins by betting some reward amount. Here, you have to bet 60X the reward amount to use the Bonus Buy feature.

Games Theme Catch the Leprechaun

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Games Theme Catch the Leprechaun

As mentioned before, the game’s theme is based on Irish folklore. This theme is quite popular, maybe because fans really love these kinds of slots. The background is lush green and makes you feel like you are in the middle of a little forest.

As usual, the graphics of Catch the Leprechaun is quite powerful. Platipus Gaming doesn’t disappoint its audience when it comes to engines and graphics. The game is impeccably well-conducted, with very rich artwork and thrilling gameplay.

Even though it looks a bit mystical, there are butterflies and forests in the background. There are beautifully animated tree houses and, of course, the elf of the hour– A Leprechaun.

Symbols / Payouts Catch the Leprechaun

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Symbols / Payouts Catch the Leprechaun

This is a huge slot with almost 14 symbols in it. You don’t see 14 symbols in regular classic slots, so this makes the game a bit different than others.

Out of the 14 symbols, 5 are unique. These 5 symbols consist of 2 special symbols, a wild, a collect, and a scatter symbol.

The remaining regular symbols are divided into two kinds— High-paying symbols and Low-paying symbols.

The high-paying symbols are based on the theme of Catch the Leprechaun– a green hat, a golden horseshoe, a cigar, and a beer mug. The low-paying symbols are based on the faces of the cards from Ace to 10.

Game tips / tricks Catch the Leprechaun

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Game tips / tricks Catch the Leprechaun

Catch the Leprechaun has pretty innovative features. Some of these features are unique, and if you are thinking of giving it a try, then try the free-play version first.

The RTP of the game is low, and if you are someone who loves risks, then this slot won’t bother you much. But this game might not be very suitable for newbies because of low RTP. If you are a newbie, try not to get too involved during the initial spins.


Catch the Leprechaun stands out from most of the slots with similar the same thing. It’s because of three factors– unique features like the collect and the bonus game, the thrilling engine, and the powerful graphics. The game can gift you up to 4 jackpots and interesting cash prizes.

The theme is pretty Irish, and as a result, you will see how your luck is going to skyrocket in the slot (just kidding). The music is also interesting, and when it combines with the sound effects, then it gives you a comfy gaming experience.

Unfortunately, what we don’t like about the game is the low RTP. An RTP of 95% is not desirable even if the volatility is medium. But, if you see this game as a whole and address the unique elements, then it’s a superb slot, to be honest.