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Fall into the fascinating depths of Gold of Mermaid, a thrilling slot game designed by Amigo Gaming. This aquatic adventure transports players to a magical underwater realm with mermaids and other exotic sea dwellers. The bright design of the game immerses you in the splendour of the ocean, and the game’s potent symbols explode off the reels.

Gold of Mermaid has a traditional layout, with five reels and 25 active paylines. But be aware of the game’s simplicity; it has exciting features. Watch out for Wild and Scatter symbols since these are the keys to triggering extra rounds and Free Spins. These additional rounds might bring more wins and unique characteristics, adding complexity.

While the ocean’s depths hold many secrets, the maximum win in this highly volatile slot is a substantial 1200x of your initial bet. Will you dare to explore the hidden treasures of the mermaids and the deep blue sea in Gold of Mermaid ?

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Quick facts Gold of Mermaid

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Bonus Game, Free Spins, Jackpot, Multipliers

Bonus Features / Jackpots Gold of Mermaid

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Gold of Mermaid

Gold of Mermaid unveils a world of aquatic wonders where players can explore the sea’s treasures. The game offers various exciting features that enhance the gaming experience and increase the chances of winning big.

Free Games

To embark on this underwater adventure, you must collect three Scatters represented as open sea shells. These shells trigger the Free Spins feature, rewarding you with 8 free games. The excitement doesn’t stop there; you can win additional spins during the bonus round. The catch is that during these free spins, only high symbols, Wilds, and Scatters grace the reels, enhancing your opportunities for significant wins.

Pearl Wins

As you navigate the ocean’s depths, you may encounter pearls with prizes during the base and bonus games. These pearls come with varying bet multipliers, ranging from 1x to 15x. Notably, these prizes are paid out exclusively as part of the Pin Win bonus, adding a layer of anticipation to your gameplay.

Pin Win

The Pin Win feature triggers when six or more pearls grace your screen. A new game board emerges in this particular round, with each position representing a separate reel. This unique setup allows pearls and chests to land on the individual positions, potentially leading to a jackpot win.

However, there’s a twist. You start with three spins; each subsequent appearance of special symbols resets your spin count to three. This feature adds an element of strategy and suspense to your quest for treasures.

Jackpot Feature

The depths of the ocean hide three tantalising jackpots. These jackpots come in three variants: the Min, worth 25x the bet. The Mid is 50x the bet, and the Max is worth 150x the bet. To uncover these treasures, you must look for wooden and gold chests during the Pin Win bonus. It’s a game of chance, but the rewards are alluring.


Games Theme Gold of Mermaid

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Games Theme Gold of Mermaid

Gold of Mermaid engages players in a stunning underwater domain ruled by mermaids and other fascinating marine creatures. With an attractive nautical style and bright symbols, the game’s subject focuses on the beauty and secrets of the ocean’s depths. As you absorb yourself in this aquatic journey, you’ll encounter mermaids, pearls, and other maritime marvels, all set against the mesmerising ocean floor. The game’s theme emphasises the fascination of the sea, and players can look forward to an intriguing voyage packed with the promise of hidden treasures waiting beneath the waves. Gold of the Mermaid is a visual masterpiece that takes players to a magical universe of undersea delights and the possibility of abundant riches.

Symbols / Payouts Gold of Mermaid

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Symbols / Payouts Gold of Mermaid

Following are the symbols & payouts-

Mermaid– If it landed on 5 reels, it will pay 1,000 x the bet amount.

Octopus- If it landed on 5 reels, it will pay 250 x the bet amount.

Squid- If it landed on 5 reels, it will pay 200 x the bet amount.

Jelly Fish- If it landed on 5 reels, it will pay 150 x the bet amount.

Turtle- If it landed on 5 reels, it will pay 100 x the bet amount.

A, K, Q and J- If it landed on 5 reels, it will pay 50 x the bet amount.

Game tips / tricks Gold of Mermaid

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Game tips / tricks Gold of Mermaid

Shell Seeker Strategy: To trigger the Free Games feature, keep your eyes on the open sea shell Scatters. Landing three of them is your ticket to 8 initial free games. The more free games you earn, the greater your chances of securing significant wins.

Pearls of Prudence: Pay close attention to the pearls with bet multipliers. These can boost your winnings during both the base and bonus games. Remember, these prizes are exclusive to the Pin Win bonus, so aim to collect as many pearls as possible during your gameplay.

Pin Win Precision: The Pin Win feature is your path to jackpots. When six or more pearls appear, it’s your cue to explore this unique round. Be strategic in managing your spins, as each special symbol reset reduces your chances. Keep an eye on those elusive chests for a shot at the jackpot.


Gold of Mermaid allows players to enter an excellent aquatic environment with marine wonders. The game provides a fantastic underwater experience with attractions such as Free Games, Pearl Wins, Pin Wins, and the temptation of jackpots. While the highest multiplier appears minor, flexible betting strategies and clever gameplay can reveal the possibility for significant earnings. The captivating components of this game allow players to immerse themselves in the realm of mermaids and treasure hunts. Dive deep, harvest pearls, and go after those jackpots. Gold of Mermaid takes you on an exciting trip beneath the seas in search of fascinating prizes.