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Set up for the journey on a mysterious adventure into the world of online slots inspired by the mystical realm of prophecy in Nostradamus the Prophet. You’ll unearth hidden secrets and spin your way to prosperity with two attractive features: Pin Win and Free Games. The Pin Win feature is a genuine jewel, as each crystal ball combination you land locks the symbols in place, offering you more spins to increase your chances of winning those coveted jackpots. 

Are you prepared to solve the puzzles and find out if the predictions may lead to unbelievable wealth? It’s time to start spinning the reels and find out in Amigo Gaming‘s Nostradamus the Prophet slot.

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Quick facts Nostradamus the Prophet

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Nostradamus the Prophet

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Nostradamus the Prophet

Nostradamus the Prophet offers a wealth of engaging gameplay features that will enhance your experience, whether you’re playing for fun or playing real money online casinos. These captivating features include:


Free Games: To unlock 8 free games, you simply need to land 3 or more scatter symbols. What’s even more exciting is that during this feature, the standard playing card symbols won’t make an appearance. This means you have a higher chance of landing more valuable combinations during the free games.

Balls: These special symbols can appear stacked both in the base game and during free games. However, they take a different form when entering the PIin Win Bonus Game. In this bonus round, each Ball symbol represents its potential prize, which is determined by a multiplier. The multipliers are as follows:

  •  Blue Ball – x1, x2, x3, x4, x5
  •  Light Blue Ball – x6, x7, x8, x9, x10
  •  Purple Ball – x15, x20, x25, x30
  •  Red Ball – x50, x100, x300, x500

PIN WIN Bonus Game: If you’re fortunate enough to land 6 or more Ball symbols, you’ll unlock the thrilling Pin Win Bonus Game. Here, you’ll be granted 3 PIN WIN bonus spins, during which only Ball symbols appear. What’s more, these Ball symbols will stay in place as they represent potential prizes. Any new Ball symbols that occur during this feature will reset the Pin Win spins back to 3. Meanwhile, the empty reel cells spin while the Ball symbols remain fixed. The ultimate prize awaits as all Ball values are paid out after this feature. To make it even more rewarding, if you manage to collect 20 balls, your bonus wins will be doubled, potentially leading to extraordinary rewards.

These game bonuses and features in Nostradamus the Prophet add layers of excitement and winning potential to your gameplay. The dynamic combination of free games, stacked Balls, and the intriguing Pin Win Bonus Game ensures that every spin is filled with anticipation and the opportunity for substantial rewards. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of slots, Nostradamus the Prophet provides an immersive and rewarding gaming experience that you will want to experience.

Games Theme Nostradamus the Prophet

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Games Theme Nostradamus the Prophet

The game Nostradamus the Prophet takes players in the ethereal universe of the fabled prophet and seer Nostradamus. The mystique and fortune-telling surrounding this historical figure permeate the game’s concept. The game has a mysterious and ethereal feel to it, with its enthralling graphics and mesmerizing crystal ball symbols. Players are further drawn into this mysterious realm by the evocative music, which evokes a sense of mystery and prophesy.

You’ll get the impression that you’ve entered Nostradamus’ chamber as you spin the reels, looking for answers and trying to uncover secrets that might lead to unbelievable riches. The subject of the game effectively combines mysticism with gaming to create a captivating and engrossing experience. If you enjoy this type of theme you might also like Cleo’s Secrets.

Symbols / Payouts Nostradamus the Prophet

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Symbols / Payouts Nostradamus the Prophet

Following are the symbols & payouts of the game-

Prophet– If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 200 x the bet amount.

Globe– If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 140 x the bet amount.

Scroll & Feather– If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 100 x the bet amount.

A- If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 75 x the bet amount.

K- If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 60 x the bet amount.

Q, J, and 10– If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 40 x the bet amount.

Scatter- If it lands on 5 reels, it will pay 1500 x the bet amount.

Game tips / tricks Nostradamus the Prophet

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Game tips / tricks Nostradamus the Prophet

Ball Symbols: Pay attention to the Ball symbols, which may appear stacked during the main game and Free Games. Each Ball symbol represents a potential prize, and their values can be significant. Be mindful of the multipliers associated with different colored balls.

Pin Win Bonus Game: The Pin Win Bonus Game is a key feature. To activate it, you need to land 6 or more Ball symbols. During this bonus game, the Ball symbols become sticky, and you have the opportunity to collect more of them. If you collect 20 balls, your bonus wins will be doubled.

Exercise Patience: Since slot games rely on chance, patience is crucial. If you don’t win right away, don’t give up. Continue to play within your means while having fun.


In conclusion, Nostradamus the Prophet is a mysterious and delightful slot machine that provides a unique combination of extra features and the chance to win big. The thrilling Pin Win Bonus Game and Free Games give players plenty of chances to uncover significant prizes. The action becomes much more exciting by adding the Ball symbols and their multipliers. Remember that this game blends chance and strategy, so it’s essential to comprehend its characteristics and make intelligent judgments as you immerse yourself in the mysterious realm of Nostradamus. Savor the evocative voyage through Nostradamus’ prophecies while attempting to gather those occult balls to increase your bonus winnings by double them. I hope the forecasts lead you to prosperity !