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Many people in the UK, USA, and Australia enjoy playing Punto Banco in land-based casinos. It’s a baccarat variation that was initially developed in Argentina and has since been reimagined as a simple, popular game in casinos. You can find this game in numerous recommended online casinos.

You can also choose the pro series version, which is easy and convenient as it follows similar baccarat rules. In essence you are trying to guess who will be closest to 9 points between the player and the banker, or if they will tie.

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Quick facts Punto Banco

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Features Punto Banco

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Features Punto Banco

It is a card game where a player tries to guess which two hands between Punto or Banco will win or whether it will be a tie. A player gets the bonus when the first four cards from one of the poker hands; four or three of a kind, a flush or straight flush.

In case the first four cards have several winnings, the combination with the highest payout gets paid.  You have to be very patient to make big wins.

There is quite a cool feature in isoftbet’s Punto Banco where you can use mouse gestures instead of clicking on the call to action buttons. So you can clear all bets by moving your mouse from side to side or repeat your last bet by moving in a circular motion.

Bet & Payouts Punto Banco

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Bet & Payouts Punto Banco

The game has no intricate background, but you will find a game table with cards and shoes on one side and casino chips on the other side.

You will also conveniently access the betting chips and command bars at the bottom of the display to easily manipulate the game. It also has superb graphics to help you load and play games with ease.

Game Tips & Tricks Punto Banco

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Symbols / Payouts Punto Banco

In Punto Banco, you don’t have pay lines. Instead, you will find multiple betting opportunities that will give you the chance to win in combinations of games. Besides, they offer a high payout of 1:8 or 9:1 depending on the casino type.

The winning player bets get paid out at even money 1:1.

The winning bank bets get paid considering a house commission of 5%, resulting in a 0.95:1.

The winning égalité bets get paid out at 8:1.

Picture cards or 10s are worth nothing. Ace is one.


When playing the game, especially as a beginner, you need to understand the rules and gameplay before placing hefty wagers. You can choose to familiarize yourself with the game at a free play online casino. 

Explore all the free options, play side bets, and keep track of wins. Also, note that the game depends on the drawer’s luck, and the outcome depends on your lucky guess.  Best of luck!