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Wazdan’s variation of poker, Joker Poker, earned itself this name because the joker gives players an extra hand. It goes against the traditional rules of poker with an exciting twist but keeps the same classic spirit. Poker players love this poker variation because they have the opportunity to gamble. So if you like living you’re living on the risky side, this games for you. You can win some big potential payouts (which can all depend on how daring you’re feeling) and immerse yourself in exciting gameplay. Play Joker Poker free here now!

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Quick facts Joker Poker

Video poker
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Features Joker Poker

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Features Joker Poker

There is a Gamble or Nothing feature. If you have won some winnings, this feature will become available to you. You can decide to gamble your winnings in order to double them. If you choose this feature, a bonus game will appear on your screens. In this game, you will be presented with 10 face-down cards. All you have to do is select a card higher than the dealers. If you’re successful, you will double your winnings. If you choose a card lower, you will lose your winnings. Players can continue playing this bonus round after every win so there is a huge opportunity to win A LOT of cash.

The joker card in this game is the wild. It will substitute for all other cards and hopefully bring on a winning hand. This game will give you an extra hand to the normal poker rules with 53 cards (the extra is the joker).

Bet & Payouts Joker Poker

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Bet & Payouts Joker Poker

Royal Flush: 1,000

Wild Royal Flush: 8,000

Five of a kind: 500

Straight Flush: 200

Four of kind: 50

Full house: 13

Flush: 10

Straight: 8

Three of a kind: 4

Two pairs:

Game Tips & Tricks Joker Poker

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Game Tips & Tricks Joker Poker

There is a speed dial option that will help you deal with the cards swiftly. However, it is only active under the 10, 52 or the 100 hand variations of the game.



Overall, Joker Poker is a fantastic poker variation that every poker player should want to try out. Wazdan has ensured the best possible gaming experience with high-quality graphics, animations and audio. It has interesting features that keep the dynamic of the gameplay fun and entertaining. There are also big potential payouts and many opportunities to make them significantly larger through the special gamble feature. It’s definitely worth checking out!