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Hold ’em is the most played poker variation worldwide, both online and in most card rooms. In a quick-paced variation of Texas Hold’em, known as Casino Hold’em, you compete against the dealer to assemble the most substantial five-card hand.

Like the electronic or physical versions of this five-card poker game, live casino hold ’em has much more to offer you. This version is more thrilling than previous versions because you get a live dealer experience! You are playing a real poker game with actual players at a simple table.

Casino Holdem- Vivo Gaming
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Quick facts Casino Holdem

Live dealer
Game software provider
RTP (payout percentage)
Max win
Min bet
Max bet

Features Casino Holdem

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Features Casino Holdem

The dealer is instantly disqualified if he doesn’t have at least a pair of fours. Therefore, you benefit without making any effort. Additionally, you triumph if your hand is superior to the dealer’s, although that doesn’t happen often.

Keep in mind that if the dealer wins, you lose both the call and the ante bet. It’s only a game; it’s nothing personal.

A new game will begin if the bets are lost due to a push.

However, it is not regarded as a tie if it is the same hand but with different valued cards. For instance, you win if the dealer has three fours and three Queens despite having three of a kind.

Bet & Payouts Casino Holdem

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Bet & Payouts Casino Holdem

Royal Flush 100:1

Straight Flush 20:1

4 of a Kind 10:1

Full House 3:1

Flush 2:1

Straight or Less 1:1

House Edge (in terms of Initial Bet) 2.16%

House Edge per Unit Wagered 0.82%

Game Tips & Tricks Casino Holdem

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Game Tips & Tricks Casino Holdem

An ante bet must be made to start a hand of this table game. Your entry into the game is now complete, and the dealer may now begin dealing.

Your cards will not be face down, but the dealer’s two cards will be. The “flip” refers to these initial three communal cards.

You will have some notion of the possibilities of your hand at this stage of the game. Making the most excellent 5-card hand possible with the help of the two-hole cards and five community cards is the aim of the game.


After learning how to play Casino Hold’em, you must know where to play. Consider websites where you may play for free (for example, here). If you must explore more profound if you want to play for cash, it provides both live and online Casino Hold’em games. You may wager as little as $1 and $100 every round.