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Playing Dragon Tiger by Vivo Gaming is relatively easy. The winning wager is the highest card. You, the player, make wagers on the Dragon, Tiger or Tie. The section below contains Side Bets. The cards are ranked from lowest to highest, with aces being the lowest and kings being the highest. In Live Dragon Tiger, the highest card prevails regardless of suit.

Dragon Tiger vivo
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Quick facts Dragon Tiger

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Features Dragon Tiger

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Features Dragon Tiger

Vivo Gaming created the live casino game Live Dagon Tiger. The game is similar to baccarat but is considerably more manageable.

Because only two cards are needed to play, Live Dragon Tiger is a viral card game throughout Asia and India.

What sets the game apart is how quickly it plays. All you need to do is to understand the game, and the wins can be achieved in only 25 seconds.

The game’s flashing lights come on when you get the winning numbers. In addition, you may use a particular Baccarat-modeled interface with highways to keep track of the stats and improve your games.

Bet & Payouts Dragon Tiger

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Bet & Payouts Dragon Tiger

Only one of the Dragon Tiger game-winning strategies touted online—betting on either Dragon or Tiger—really produces results.

Given that the likelihood of a victory is so close to 50% and the fact that you’ll get back half of your money in the event of a tie, these bets offer the highest chance of success.

Although some people view side bets as casino tactics in Dragon Tiger, we advise merely doing so for amusement. Do not depend on them to maintain your bankroll’s stability or generate significant gains.

Game Tips & Tricks Dragon Tiger

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Game Tips & Tricks Dragon Tiger

Tie bets should be avoided even though they pay 8 to 1. simply because there is a 32.77% house advantage.

Avoid depending on betting systems.

Due to its simplicity, Dragon Tiger may appear to be a game where betting techniques might be effective. But take note: No betting strategy will ever work.

You can put your money on the tiger or place a bet on the dragon.

Do not follow any flukes, as you might lose a considerable amount.

Understand things by reading about the game to get the proper outcomes.


Two enormous glass statues of tigers are among the many Chinese symbols in the impressively adorned setting. Players may forecast the results of the following rounds using the game interface, which offers a variety of information given by roadways like those in the Baccarat game. The game is easy to understand and has some of the best payouts. If you want to increase your bet amount, this is a suitable game to try your hands on.