Ready for real-life flight experience? A warning: The plane can crash at any time, and you have to “cash out” before it crashes. Interesting, right? Spribe has released a crash game, Aviator, where you can bet and win exciting rewards.  The game was released in January 2019, and since then, it has become very popular among online casino players.

Aviator has a  medium volatility and a high RTP of about 97%. It uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make sure the entire process is transparent. Not only will this be a unique experience for casino players, but the gameplay is going to be very thrilling.

Looking for more information about Aviator? Read the article till the end to find out the theme, mechanics, and some interesting strategies about the game.

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Quick facts Aviator

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RTP (payout percentage)

Bonus Features / Jackpots Aviator

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Aviator

Unlike slot games, Spribe’s games do not have bonus features. But there are some “exclusive” features you should know about the game.

In-game chat: You can talk to other players while playing the game. You can also check out their bets, wins, and how “they feel” as they play.

Aviarace Tournaments: Every week, there are tournaments you can join. You compete with other players for a piece of the prize pool. These tournaments have different rules, like who made the most bets or had the highest rewards.

Free Bets: You can also score free bets from the game or online guides– you can play without using your own money. You can use them to test your strategies or just have fun.

Live Game Stats: You can see real-time game stats, like the average rewards, how many people are playing, how many bets have been made, and the total amount of bets placed. This info helps you understand how the game is going and spot any trends (think of it as a tracker).

Games Theme Aviator

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Games Theme Aviator

As you can guess from the name, The Aviator Game by Spribe has an aviation theme. It allows players to experience the thrill of flying and the world of aviation right from their homes. You will see the red airplane flying in the night sky. It has a 2D appearance– two red wings and a big propeller.

The Aviator also has a very realistic plane engine sound– giving you a real-life flight experience. The game’s simple and stylish design features a black sky backdrop with a chart displaying the plane’s path. The user-friendly interface has fat-marked buttons for placing bets, cashing out and accessing game settings.

Symbols / Payouts Aviator

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Symbols / Payouts Aviator

Aviator is easy to understand– you just have to know the model. It features a red airplane that takes off, and you have to bet and cash out before it crashes. The game uses a random number generator (RNG) to decide when the plane flies, making sure that it’s fair and transparent.

There are two ways to play the game: paid and demo. You can bet real money (or even cryptocurrencies) in the paid mode, while the demo mode is just for fun and practice.

You place your bets before each round and can choose to cash out according to your wish. You can also use the “AutoBet” feature to set your bet amount.


How do you feel about the game right now? If this is all new for you, you can just play the demo version. It will help you understand the mechanics and different strategies before betting any real money.

The game has an increasing curve that can crash anytime. Even the numbers are given by a random number generator (RNG). So, you need to cash out before the plan crashes to win the multiplier. But don’t worry. Aviator has a high RTP (97%)– you can make swings too.

As we just talked about the strategies, do not try them directly in the live game. Use the strategies in the demo version to see which one works for you. Even if they are popularly used in “crash games,” you can still face losses.