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If you have been playing online casino slot games for a while, you must have heard about Lady Luck Games. This Stockholm-based studio was founded in the year 2000 by its CEO, Mads Jorgensen. Mads was already an expert in the mobile gaming industry and came up with this plan two decades ago. He brought this up to the Tir 1 mobile operator and established Lady Luck Games in collaboration.

Online casino slots have become very interesting, thanks to this studio. It has brought different concepts into the online casino world. Funky themes, powerful gameplay, and soothing music are some of the main elements witnessed in the game developed by Lady Luck Games. Since the inception of the company, its main aim has been to provide games with “entertaining values.” And looking at the suite of games on offer; it has succeeded big time!

Lady Luck Games

Let’s see some of the gaming products Lady Luck Games has given its audience.

Gaming Products:

Online slots have been the major focus of the studio since it started creating them. They have made the concept of slots very engaging. Themes, music, graphics, and many cool features have just enthralled all the slots for the players.

Well, there are some major differences between this studio’s games and other studios’ games– the bonus buy feature. It is constantly witnessed that the casino players liked those slots which had bonus buy features, maybe because it broke the mundanity of the game. The feature helped players to fast-pace their way in the game and trigger benefits rather than waiting for it to get triggered organically.

Another reason for their success is the storyline behind every game. Sometimes they try to make you reminisce about your childhood heroes through slots like Popeye and Beetle Bailey. Sometimes they will keep the theme simple and pleasant, like Spinjoy and Cherry Supreme.

The games they have created so far are available in different languages. Recently, they have excited the number of languages by 19 in the Popeye slot. It could be because they collaborated with some renowned casino studios, which is why their slot quality has gotten better.

If we dig deeper for their consistently good performance in this field, it could be because of their highly efficient team.  Their creative director, CTO, and Chief Commercial Officer: all of them have significant years of experience in this industry. All that goes into making the game and brings out very impactful results.


Popular Games:

The studio has created some of the best games recently, thanks to their collaborations. They have collaborated with big companies like iSoftBet, Kings Feature Syndicate, Slot Gods, etc. This helped the studio to create high-quality games like Madam Clues, Popeye, etc. They are mostly known for their slots, but they also provide table casinos, European roulette, progressive jackpot games, etc.


Let’s review a couple of games this studio has created in the past.


  • Popeye

As interesting as it looks from the title, it is exactly like your childhood hero, who is now more buffed. Those Saturday nights used to be so good because of Popeye, and this time he is in an online slot with Olive, Bluto, and Wimpy.

The theme is based on cartoon characters, sea, and sailors. The setup is in a dockyard near seawater. The background is impeccably designed, filled with 60s wooden houses. The music is maybe a little naff, but you always have the privilege to mute and play. Just kidding.

Bonus Features: You can trigger the bonus game if you get 5 or more reels in the game. Here, you can avail 3 free spins. Every new symbol takes the spin count back to three. If you fill all the reels with coins, they are removed, and the amount is rewarded.

Popeye, the slot has an RTP of 96.1% with medium volatility.


  • Madam Clues:

Casino players have always appreciated mystery and storytelling, so the studio came up with Madam Clues– a deadly combo of mystery and storytelling. This game is revolutionary because it has changed the definition of classic and somewhat boring slots.

The theme is based on different elements like mysticism, storytelling, fortunetelling, gypsy, etc.  You will love that the entire setup is covered with glass and artwork in a dark room.

Bonus Features:

This game is completely out of the box when it comes to the setting of the slot. There are two bonus features – The Owl and The Raven. The owl triggers free spins and multiplies your bet by 2X. The Raven, on the other hand, breaks the grid into a 2×2 layout with four symbols. It can appear thrice in the game and can even provide you with a grid of about 8×8 with 64 symbols.

This game comes up with an RTP of about 95.50% (max) and medium-high volatility.

Apart from these two games, Lady Luck has developed powerful games like Valholl, Astro Anna, and The Treasures of Tizoc.


Safety and Security:

Now that Lady Luck Games has become a very huge igaming company, it is important to know about their safety and encryption. The Stockholm-based gaming company has more than 22 certifications and has 400+ operators. As they have produced more than 50 online games, it is a well-known fact that they have become popular with most casino players across the world.

Hub88, Rela Gaming, Whitehat Gaming, Softswiss, Softgamings, iSoftbet, etc., are some of the distribution partners of Lady Luck Games. Slots Calender, Demoslot, Supercasino, Gamblescope, etc., are some of their media partners.

All the best i-gaming reviewers on the internet speak highly of this studio as well. So, if you’re thinking of trying out their games, just take the plunge and try some Lady Luck games free here!

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