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Valholl Wild Hammers by Lady Luck Game Studio is a Viking-theme-based online casino game, probably with very strong and fierce graphics. And it’s not that difficult to guess in a Viking theme game, but this Stockholm studio has taken it to a different level.

The theme, gameplay, missions, and features– all of them are hardcore funny and interesting. With a 16:9 responsive aspect ratio, a 6×4 layout, and 20 ways to win the game, it was launched on 27 July 2022. Apart from the theme, the other elements like gods, mythology, and warriors also amp up the overall quality.

Lady Luck Games have always made sure that their audiences have something unique on their platter. As a result, they have developed some of the most unique casino games like Astro Anna, Beetle Baily, and Popeye recently. They are trying to bring different perspectives and storylines into these games, which even makes these games challenging and funny.

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Valholl Wild Hammers Reel
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Quick facts Valhöll Wild Hammers

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Valhöll Wild Hammers

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Valhöll Wild Hammers

The features in Valholl are top-notch– Wild Hammers Free Spin, Wild Lightning, Loki’s Mischief, Buy Bonus, and Gamble Feature.

Wild Hammers Free Spin:

In order to activate the Wild Hammers Free Spin feature, you have to drop two hammers above the first and the sixth reel. Once you do so, you get ten free spins. Not only that, the hammers shoot lightning at any random symbols and turn them into sticky wild cards.

And if the lightning falls into the wild cards, you get multipliers. If you receive wilds on all 6 reels, you get five more free spins.

Wild Lightning:

If two hammers land on the same reel, then all the icons present on the same reel turn into wilds.

Loki’s Mischief:

This is another feature that turns random symbols into wilds. If two hammers land on the adjacent reels, then any two random symbols on the reels will be turned into wilds. In addition to that, all the symbols of the same kind are turned into wilds as well.

Buy Bonus:

In this game, the buy bonus feature is quite different and interesting. For 3 times your bet amount, you can purchase Loki’s Mischief Feature. And for 100 times the bet amount, you can purchase Wild Hammers Free Spins.


Gamble Feature allows you to give up on everything you have earned so far and gamble your way to win more rewards. This feature is triggered after every winning spin. You have to guess the color or the icon of the card, and your bet amount will be increased in that way. If you guess the color right, your bet amount increases by 2X, and for the icon, you can 4X your bet amount.

Games Theme Valhöll Wild Hammers

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Games Theme Valhöll Wild Hammers

As Viking is the theme of the game, you will see lots and lots of warrior icons, a fire-lit stone-dominated background, arms, etc. The theme is based on the folklore of the Scandinavian country, something that the studio has come up with after a lot of discussions, it seems. You will see the grids on the inside of a fortress with skulls and fire torches.

All the Norse gods are in the game as symbols– Thor, Odin, Loki, and Freya.

The music gives you a kick and even makes the sound of thunder every time you spin. Well, for some reason, you might not like it while you are at the game, and you can mute it while playing.

Symbols / Payouts Valhöll Wild Hammers

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Symbols / Payouts Valhöll Wild Hammers

The symbols are divided into two categories– the character symbols and the shield symbols.



€ 5 € 3 € 2 € 1.75
€ 3 € 2.5 € 1.75 € 1.5
€ 2.5 € 2 € 1.5 € 1.25
€ 2 € 1.5 € 1.25 € 1


There are also different armor symbols having different colors and weapons. There are five in total, and all of them range from € 1.25 to € 0.5. The wild symbol is also the highest and has the same value as the Odin symbol (€5).

Game tips / tricks Valhöll Wild Hammers

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Game tips / tricks Valhöll Wild Hammers

This game functions in a different way and might be very different from the ones you have played earlier. So, it’s important to follow certain caveats while playing this game. Make sure you click on the i button to read all the rules and regulations of the game before playing it.

The game has high volatility and a variable RTP of 96.1%, which makes it a tough nut to crack. Even if the features and bonuses are heavy, you should do everything according to your calculations.

Another tip is to play their demo version before investing your real money. This will help you gain some command over the game before making the actual bet.


The Viking theme is perfectly placed here in Valholl Wild Hammers, and all the other elements in the game, including the reels and the symbols, are impeccable.