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Lady Luck Games is one of the igaming studios that focus on uniqueness and powerful gameplay. Not just the quirky and “out of the box” themes but also the features, symbols, and music are entertaining.

The setup is inside a mysterious glass prison where you will find an old lady with a mysterious appearance. She has a mystic glass ball in front of her, which tells you that something spooky is going to happen. Madam Clues is waiting for you, probably because you are her next customer. There is only 1 reel, so you win or lose each spin.

The setup is backed by some engaging music to keep you hooked throughout the game. With medium-high volatility and max win up to 23,000X the bet, this game has an RTP of about 95.50%.

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Quick facts Madame Clues

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Madame Clues

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Madame Clues

The features, bonuses, and symbols of this slot are very different from what you would expect from a normal slot. That was the aim of the studio in the first place– to break the conventional assumptions.

Two symbols in the slot don’t pay you directly because they aren’t paying symbols; they are bonus features!

• The Owl:
You can trigger the free spin rounds in the Madam Clues slot if you hit the Owl icon. In addition to that, it pays you 2X the bet amount as well. You receive three games that run automatically at the same condition.

When an owl symbol lands on the reel, you will get 3 spins and a double multiplier. You can even win up to 21 free plays and a multiplier of up to 128X.

• The Raven:
This bonus feature is only seen during the base game that helps you trigger the Look Deeper feature. It breaks the grid into a 2×2 layout with only four symbols and spin plays.

The Ravens that appear during the feature can split the feature up to three times, and you can increase the grid to the maximum of 8×8 with 64 symbols on the slot.

Apart from all these symbols and features, there is a Death Icon that has nothing to pay you. It simply makes you aware of the fact that you have to try again.

Games Theme Madame Clues

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Games Theme Madame Clues

The Stockholm-based studio has been upping the game in themes for most of the games it has created. Be it Mr Alchemister, Rooftop Fight, or the new Popeye slot, the storyline and graphics have always been distinctive and unique. This time, they have come up with Madam Clues, a mystery-dominated theme.

The graphics are great, the setup is dark and strange, and the artwork is something you don’t often see in online slots. The studio said this game is for people who want something different from a slot game. This is even great for new players who don’t understand slot games much.

Lastly, the music is the “feather to the cap”. It is engaging and adheres to the game for a long time.

Symbols / Payouts Madame Clues

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Symbols / Payouts Madame Clues

Though the slot only has four paying symbols, these four are unique and are a big part of the theme itself. You will see an eye on the palm symbol, which in fact, is the lowest-paying symbol among all of them. It gives you 1X the bet amount and is not a lucrative catch.

Then there is a medium-paying symbol after the eye on the palm symbol– The Chalice. The chalice rewards you 3X the bet amount.

After this, two high-paying symbols are the crown and the sword. The crown and sword symbols pay you 8X the bet amount, which looks like a good catch.

These four symbols are not the only ones you see in the slot. Another symbol that even pays you way more than any of the symbols is The Golden Coin symbol. The Golden Coin symbol pays you 12X the bet amount, which is a huge amount compared to the other symbols.

Game tips / tricks Madame Clues

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Game tips / tricks Madame Clues

The best tip is to gather as much information as you can about the gameplay and the features. The reason is that this slot is quite different from the ordinary ones. You will fall prey to losses if you lack the right know-how before betting your real money.

There is a demo version of the game where you can play for fun. Make sure you not only play for fun but also get acquainted with the features and the gameplay.


Madam Clues is a revolutionary game, not just because it is based on a mysterious theme where you must listen to a madam, but because this is unique. The slot, features, bonuses, and music all give you a different taste.

With an RTP of 95.50%, the game has medium-high volatility, which is the only depressing thing to see in the slot. The max-win can be up to 23,040x the bet amount, and you also have a turbo control option switch on or off the turbo option.

People shower their love when i-gaming studios bring new themes and concepts to their games. This is what most studios aim for– to make their audience happy with something fun and entertaining, like coming up with a slot like Madam Clues.