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Lady Luck’s Astro Anna is a game that gives you the feel of playing casino in a warm and cosy spaceship. The game was released on 20 October 2020 with an interesting astronomical theme. Lady Luck has tried its best to bring a new perspective to the game, and the result is a unique looking game. If you are wondering how the game is going to be, just for starters, you have to connect copper pipes to win rewards.

The theme of the game is space, so you will see a lot of stars, comets, and other astronomical bodies in the background. It comes with a responsive 16:9 aspect ratio, with an RTP of 96.1% (highest) and a hit frequency of 31.4%. With interesting gameplay and astounding graphics, let us see how this game actually feels when you are onboard.


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Astro Anna Reels
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Quick facts Astro Anna

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Bonus Buy, Free Spins, Gamble, Multipliers

Bonus Features / Jackpots Astro Anna

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Bonus Features / Jackpots Astro Anna

The features of the game are similar to most of the games by this Stockholm-based studio. There are free spins, bonus buys, gambling, and multipliers.


The multipliers you see here are very random, which means if they land on the connected pipes, they will increase your reward amount. Another interesting fact is that these multipliers are kind of sticky and can multiply your bet up to 50X.


The game also has a Buy Bonus feature, which can help you bypass to play the free spins round. You might think this to be a turnoff, as most games don’t have a Bonus Buy feature, but there is a reason behind this. You have the choice between Rocket Fuel 10 free spins, Space Plumbing 20 free spins, or the Astro Extreme Random Option.


While most players have to wait organically to get a free spins round, Lady Luck has made sure that you have access to full entertainment. Sometimes, you have to wait for an annoyingly long period of time to get some premium features, which is why the studio thought of making it accessible for you.



Free spins are always fun, aren’t they? In Astro Anna, you can get free spins with just 4 wins!


For four, five, and six wins, you get 10, 15, and 20 free spins, respectively; this doesn’t end here, but rather becomes more interesting after six wins. For seven, eight, nine, and ten wins, you get 20 free spins each and 2X, 5X, 10x, and 20X multipliers.



The gamble/ feature is the regular one, where you can risk it all and increase your wins (if you win). You can 2X your bet by choosing the right color of the card and 4x your bet by selecting one of the cards of the suit. And in case you lose, you are going to lose everything you have earned so far in the game.

Games Theme Astro Anna

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Games Theme Astro Anna

Though the theme of the game is space, you will come across all the astronomical elements like stars, planets, astronauts, and stuff like adventure, cartoons, sci-fi, etc. These themes are always deemed to be one of the most likable among casino players. Not just because of the elements but also because of the high-quality graphics.

It’s so warm and funny and also cosmic-oriented at the same time. If you don’t like the game for some reason, you won’t be disappointed after seeing the game’s graphics.

Symbols / Payouts Astro Anna

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Symbols / Payouts Astro Anna

If we talk about the symbols, there are differently-shaped gas pipes made up of copper. In total, there are 11, and you have to join them to form combinations to let the gas flow through. If you connect the pipes the right way, you can win rewards.

When we talk about the payouts, then you are six different prizes to be won in the game. The prizes are on the left, right, and bottom and pay between 0.5X to 10X the bet.

Things get better in the bonus rounds– you can earn between 2X to 20X the bet.

Game tips / tricks Astro Anna

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Game tips / tricks Astro Anna

Before playing the game with your real money, read all the regulations of the game. Make sure you don’t miss any information, even if it looks trivial. Since this game is unique and might be different from most of the games you have played so far, don’t get too involved in it while starting it out.

There is also a demo version of the game, and thanks to the studio, it makes it a bit easy for you. Before you try out the real version with real money, you can get your hands acquainted with the gameplay and different circumstances.


We don’t come across something like Astro Anna frequently. The gameplay, theme, features, and the entire cosmic experience are to die for. It is distributed in 5×5 reel slots, where you have to join different pipes and win rewards. There is a Buy Bonus feature in the game, which even makes it better as you get the chance to bypass your way to free spins round.

What makes this game different apart from the cosmic-dominated theme is the way it is designed. There are 11 different pipes of different shapes, and you have to connect them to get rewards. All the other features, like the reel multipliers, free spins, and “risk it all,” level up the quality of the experience.